Thursday, May 28, 2015

Life Lately, According to Instagram

A busy week of school, a lovely weekend in Leeds, and the start of half-term break.  Awesomeness.

While we were up in Leeds we popped in to see the lovely Emily and Adam and their sweet dogs, Digs and Coops.  I love Coops' expression here!

There's been a lot of box action.  As ever.

Fry has been loving getting so much attention!

So lucky to see these lovelies on their 1st wedding anniversary!  Time flies when you're having fun, for sure.

Lovely dinner with some of my gorgeous colleagues on Friday night.  Always great to catch up away from the whirl of school!

Enjoyed the opportunity to use some of our awesome stationery for thank you notes.

You can buy biscuits.  In a jar.  The spread on toast.

*Mind blown*

A Bank Holiday weekend calls for a stack of magazines.

Our friend Hannah had a brilliant Eurovision party for her birthday - it was fantastic!  We chose to be Sweden because we figured we could raid Ikea for our foodstuffs on the way up from London, and because blue and yellow are our favourite colours.  They ended up winning.

And Ikea beer is pretty decent.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Spare Room Makeover

Earlier this month, one of those lovely moments when life just falls together beautifully happened.  Matthew and I spent the first Bank Holiday weekend in May clearing out lots of stuff from rooms, piling up donations to the charity shop and generally decluttering like mad things.  Once we were done I looked around our front spare room, previously the home to eleventy million boxes o' junk and said "I'd love to makeover this room soon."  I closed the door and toddled off the make a quick spreadsheet to see when I could afford a few bits and bobs.

I love me a spreadsheet.  Almost as much as I love making rooms friendlier and prettier.  I set myself a budget and looked forward to giving the room a wee spruce in a few months.

The next morning I got an email asking me if I'd like some items from Asda, to improve a room in our house.  Either Big Brother really exists or I was just a very lucky badger! The George range has created four looks for the current season (Eden, Desert, Meadow and Shore), and after a very happy half hour looking over the ranges I decided the Shore range was perfect for our spare room!  We've used Asda items in our hosue before so I was very happy to return to a tried and true brand.  Here are a few shots of the finished room - I can't wait to have guests to stay!

Love a good stripe!

The lampshade that had been here was a £2.50 reduced one from a bargain bin.  I like this clean, crisp one so much more!

Always love a good bit of storage!  I'm going to look for something beachy/nautical on honeymoon for the hurricane and the baskets will be great for stowing guest room toiletries.

How chic is this lamp?  I'm trying to be mature and not just snaffle this for my study!

Cute, cute nautical cushions.  Such a fun part of any room!

Plus two of these cable-knit bad boys which are really soft and squidgy.  I can see me curling up with a cat to read in this room....soon.

This blanket is lovely - it's already journeyed out of the spare room on a picnic in Hyde Park!

Decent bath sheets are always a joy to find, and the matching hand towels are great too.  I thought these wicker baskets worked well as a storage place for them.

Love these tealights...

...and these candles!

I think the detailing is so pretty - this would be a fun gift too!

Isn't this little beach hut doorstop grand?

This lantern will be great for candles with the cats around - I love containers where they can't brush near to danger.

This Bristol-blue vase is gorgeuos and goes with so many of my other blue bits and bobs.  The bottles I might use for shampoo, conditioner etc.  I love making guest rooms cosy!

As is often the case with a project, a job is still to be done - I'll be pinning up these pegs next week.  Such a cute motif and great for hanging up a few hangers for clothes which may require doing so.

I'm so pleased - it feels cosy and inviting.  Compared to the chaos that was there it truly is a sea change.  Fnar fnar.

I do love a bad pun!

Looking forward to having visitors soon!

Thank you to Asda for providing me with items from the Shore range to complete this makeover.  Such fun!  All items highlighted can be found on the page linked to.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Poppet and Mousie

Those of you who read here often (or any of you who've spent more than a few minutes in my company...) will know that we are lucky enough to have not one, not two, but three crazy felines in our home.  Our days are a catalogue (CAT-alogue!  Ha! Unintentional wordplay) of head boops, purrs, and finding every item of clothing we own is 'enhanced' with a subtle covering of cat fur.

Thanks, guys.

Little Leela.

 Leela is our littlest, an impetuous tortie through and through.  Whatever Leela does, she does full pelt, whether it's darting up and down the stairs in our tall terraced house (how can a 6-pound cat make as much noise as a rugby player?), gobbling down her dinner or diving into someone's arms for a fuss.

What's for dinner, then?

Beautiful Fry - so dashing!

Fry is our boy cat; jet-black of fur and oh-so-gentle of nature.  He has a squeaky little miaow attempt, but the deepest, loveliest purr.  He loves to give 'kisses' and is the soppiest of our three - he likes his humans and his sister and his mother home and likes nothing more than hanging out in the living room and napping on a person.

He loves to hang out with me when I'm writing!

I don't think Poppet has got the hang of this shopping malarkey.

Poppet, well, Poppet is the boss!  A sweet natured calico girl who we are all well aware rules the roost.  Loving and sweet, she's also delightfully barmy and never fails to make us giggle with her adventures.  One of which is the adventure of Poppet & Mousie...

We live in an area of London where in the late autumn and winter months there are a *lot* of fireworks.  Bonfire Night, Diwali, New Year's all set off a trend for loud bangs and bright fizzes.  We keep the cats in on the nights we can predict (November 5th, NYE, the culmination of Diwali), but sometimes we miss a night and scramble to get the cats in safely.  On those nights, Poppet's mama-bear instincts turn up to eleven.

For the neighbourhood mice.

We're lucky enough not to have a big house mouse problem (see; three cats.  Also, touch wood).  In our garden, however, we do spy the occasional dormouse or field mouse sized critter, which may have wandered over from the nearby open spaces.  They may even be house mice who have given up their establishment gigs for life on the open highway.  Who knows.  I think these little guys live under the decking some of our neighbours have, or that they scurry between the fences of the terraces, where there's often a gap of a few inches.  One mouse, however, Poppet adopted as her own.  On nights where there were fireworks or rainstorms or thunder, we'd hear the clack-clack of the cat flap, one-two-three, and then all too often the high pitched squeak of Mousie would follow.

The first time he was clearly distressed, and Matthew and I managed to separate him from Poppet and let him go safely.  As he scuttled off I noted there was no blood or bite marks, just a rather cross mouse.  We gave him plenty of time to head off safely and wished him well.  A few weeks later, however, Mousie appeared again, and he seemed much more chilled about proceedings.  He and Popps were communicating and sat quite happily next to one another as though this was quite a normal arrangement.  When I got close to Poppet, I saw she wasn't biting him, or even nipping.  Nope, she was carrying him gently by the scruff.  Like a kitten.

Yes, friends.  Our head-of-the-house cat has an adoptive mouse she brings in from rainstorms and loud noises.  It's happened a few times and after that first time Poppet has roundly refused to let Matthew and I have her pet.  Clearly we can't be trusted.  According to my research, mice live between 6 months and 3 years, so I do wonder if we'll see Mousie again this year...  Other cats may be great mousers; Poppet justs wants a chat!

Fearsome she is not.  Unless you're a very small worm, in which case, be afraid....#wusscat #thankheavens #notcutoutforahighkillcount

I was asked to write this post as part of the #PawHumour campaign, which flags up the new partnership between MoreTh>n and the RSPCA.  They've produced a webpage on all the ways you can keep your furry friends safe and well which can be found here.  I was compensated with a voucher for this post, and let's face it, cat posts are certainly nothing new on this blog!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Summer wardrobe ideas...

Summer Love <3

Summer Love <3 by cmclaire-badger featuring layering cardigans

As we are now well and truly into the summer months, I'm feeling the need to go shopping, especially as I've got a honeymoon to look forward to!  I'll be posting about some of my special ideas for our time away next month, but for today here's a few things I'm coveting for my summer wardrobe...can you tell what my two favourite colours are, I wonder?

1. Yellow cross-body bag, New Look

2. Blue silk skirt, Boden

3. Pale blue hoodie, New Look

4. Leather strapped watch, M & S

5. Pale blue dress, Hobbs

6. Yellow dress, Boden

7. Yellow beaded necklace, New Look  

8. Blue cropped trousers, M & S

9. Yellow patterned skirt, M & S

10. Blue and white tunic dress, Boden

11. White lace back layering cardigan, New Look

12, Wide brimmed hat, M & S

13. Cropped cashmere yellow cardigan, Boden

14. Simple blue camisole, M & S

15. Pale blue courts, New Look

16. Navy 'disco shorts' (love that name!), New Look

17. Yellow-green dress, Hobbs

18.  Pale blue bowling bag, M & S

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