Tuesday, September 02, 2014

At the start of a new school year....

...I'm reminding myself of this!

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Good heavens, it's my tenth year of teaching!  I'm excited to start my first year as Mrs Roper.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Meal Planning Monday: 1st September

Linking up with At Home With Mrs M and Organizing Junkie for another Meal Planning Monday.  As this week heralds the return of classes, simplicity is the name of the game.  Here's this week's menu; hardly the most inspiring, but I'm sure anyone else going back to school would sympathise!

Monday:  After a whole day of meetings and admin, I think soup and bread is the only sensible option.

Tuesday:  I'm out to dinner; for Matthew it's a nursery tea of fish fingers, oven chips and peas.

Wednesday:  Another busy evening for me at our final New Member's information session for Junior League.  Beans on toast for my lovely.

Thursday:  Yay, an evening at home!  Spicy bacon and basil pasta on the menu.

Friday: Pita bread pizzas will be the order of the day.

Saturday:  I'm out all day volunteering and co-ordinating Super Saturday, so it's another soup and bread kind of evening.

Sunday:  I'm planning a PJ day of housework, homework, and reading.  With roasted veggie pasta for supper.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pinterest: A Classroom To Inspire

My 'A Classroom To Inspire' board is such a useful way to collect and share items which are handy at school.  Here's a few selections which have recently caught my eye: 

I love this infographic, and have printed and laminated a copy to go next to my class library!

As luck would have it, I found this 'Summer Reads' list....on the last day of the summer break!  A lot of the books look very interesting, however, and I'll definitely be checking some of them out.  Spending two hours a day commuting affords some excellent reading time.

I love these collages - I think I might ask our head of 'Life Skills' if I can do these as an add-on!

I'm planning on using a little less tech this year rather than the reverse....but I'll still have a browse of lists like this to pick up some great hints and tips.

I always get asked how to help with reading at home - I'll be adding this to the resources I have for parents!

 Some fun ideas!  I love the start of term.

And lastly, a great round up of fun print outs for parents and teachers!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Super Secret Sunday: A London Adventure

Matthew is such a planner.

He thrives on timetables, spreadsheets and itineraries.

It's a running joke with my girlfriends that amongst the many reasons Matthew is a keeper, his mad skills at planning holidays and trips must rank in the top ten, for sure.

However, I also like a good spreadsheet, so every so often it's nice to take the reins!  On Sunday was one such occasion.  Matthew let me take the whole day to plan us an adventure in London.  What follows is how Super Secret Sunday unfolded.  After the wedding rush and a lovely minimoon up in Matlock, this was the perfect way to conclude our break before work and Junior League and life kicked in!

I will always work cute stationery into a plan, wherever possible.

I planned for something to happen every two hours.  An hour before, Matthew got to open an envelope, so he knew what was coming next!

Ready for the off.

We breakfasted at home (M is not a morning person, so I wanted my schedule to honour that!) and then jumped onto the tube across to Greenwich.  Because first item of business was....a boat trip along the Thames!

The Shard and Tower Bridge.

The Tower of London.

The Shard and HMS Belfast.

Loved this view of the City and St Paul's.

The Houses of Parliament.

Cheesey boat based selfie.

Canary Wharf

After catching some of our city's most marvellous sights from a different point of view, we bimbled up from Westminster towards Trafalgar Square.

Hi, Nelson!

Because I had booked us lunch at Portrait, the gorgeous restaurant atop the National Portrait Gallery.

Such a unique, beautiful view of London, with Nelson in the foreground!

After a long, leisurely lunch we heading across to Covent Garden, where we had a jolly couple of hours exploring the London Transport Museum.

In a tube carriage from Victorian times.

After that we went to Christopher's for cocktails - I'm happy to report their drinks are just as delicious as their brunches!

Cocktails were definitely a mini-moon theme!

And then, when you're close to Covent Garden, there's a clear family favourite for dinner:

I put three pounds on just looking at this menu.

Best steak in town!  All in all I thought the day went well and I had such fun planning a busy, silly, tasty day for Matthew.  We've decided to do something like this every other month, with us taking turns to plan.  Such a fun way to spend time together and explore our awesome city together!

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