Friday, January 23, 2015


As ever, being back to January after the Christmas cosiness has done a number on me.  I am utterly shattered!

More to come soon, thoughts and words and pictures and ideas and visits and nieces and weddings and fun to catch up.  But for now, time to rest.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Life Lately (According to Instagram)

Life lately has been cosy, silly, warm and full of cats.  Pretty sweet.

Badgers in the classroom - gifts from two sweet colleagues!

Late night box play adventures with Miss Poppet!

I printed and laminated these signs for NYE, and they are happily adorning our kitchen still.  I love the fresh start of a January :)

Bedazzling a hard hat for my sister's upcoming wedding.


Leela is all about the organising!

Matthew and I traveled north to see the family and meet the newest niecelet.  She is adorable!

So comfy!

I was trying valiantly to get a shot of Fry.  Only afterwards did I realise I'd shot it so it looks like there's a top hat on his rump!

And with term, comes marking.

How are you, lovely ones?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Pinterest: Organisation

Getting organised is a big ambition of mine this year.  I've made huge strides in this area (I held a school record for demerits in my younger years for the most lost items in a fortnight...) but it's also an area where focus and work are needed.  I'm developing a lot of strategies and habits this month to help make sure I run things in a way that encourages tidiness, order and calm.

Pinterest is an absolute treasure trove of tips for this.

Source: Buzzfeed
I already like Ikea.

With these tips, it can only grow!

Source: Buzzfeed
More super ideas here.  My study had got particularly chaotic last year - I'm hoping to keep things fresher and tidier this year!

Source: Just a Girl and Her Blog
 Some amazing advice here!  Some of the things I was already do, but this has really opened my eyes to some quick and useful changes.

Source: Mashable
I always need more room on my phone!

Source: Sarah Titus
 Lots of excellent tips for taming the paper monster.

Source: Tico and Tina
As someone who falls towards the 'hoarder' end of the scale, pure minimalism scares me a little.  However, this post definitely gave me some food for thought.

Source: diyhshp

I can happily while away an afternoon finding tips and tricks and I love putting them into use here at home.

Where do you search for organisation tips and tricks?

Thursday, January 08, 2015

10 Great Organisation Blogs

As I've mentioned earlier this month, one of my big focuses this month is getting more organised.  I am filing and shredding and decluttering like never before.  My todo list is beautiful.  My classroom is looking more shipshape by the day.

There are so many great blogs and websites with excellnet tips and tricks to help with organisation, so today I thought I'd share a few that I'm really enjoying!

All Things Simple.  I love this fresh, clean blog!  Her party planning posts are so sweet (that's how I found her blog in the first place, but in this season of tidiness I'm finding a lot of great homemaking tips too.

Clean Mama.  A blog full of great ideas and lots of printables to enjoy and deploy.

Fly Lady.  While I don't think I'm quite ready to go full Fly Lady, I am using some of the habits - I love going to bed with a neat and ordered kitchen.  Some of the cleaning tips are superb as well.  I love how realistic this site is - some organisation and cleaning sites seem to think everyone has five hours a day for home maintenance.

Just A Girl And Her Blog.  I love Abby's writing voice and her beautiful photos anyway, but her organisation and DIY tips are super.

Life In Yellow.  Great tips and beautiful printables.  Such a fun blog!

Money Saving Mom.  While this blog focuses primarily on finance and money, there are a lot of posts on organisation and home care too.

Sarah Titus.  I could spend hours on Sarah's beautiful blog - it's a feast of tips for organisation, home maintenance, money saving.  I always pick up something new when I pay her site a visit.

Simply Fabulous Living.  Leah is so organised.  I'll never reach her level, but there are always ideas to be gleaned on her beautiful blog.

This Old House.  I seem to be forever pinning things from the This Old House magazine's page!

Tico and Tina.  These guys are awesome.  They are much more pared-down and minimalist than I'm ever going to be, but some of their tips have really helped me to streamline things in our home and work out what we need and what is just 'stuff'.

I hope this post is helpful - where do you go online for organising tips?

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