Friday, September 04, 2015

Monday Funday, September 7th

It's time for Monday Funday....the weekly collection of the things which have been distracting, delighting, or diverting me online.  Videos, articles, gifs, blogs, name it, I'll list it here.  If you'd like to link up, please add your link below for a little Monday laughter, learning, or fun.

* I've enjoyed Cole and Marmalade's Youtube vids for a while, so I was pleased to find them on instagram too!

* Gosh I loved Tina and Amy as Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.  I wonder if SNL will have Amy back to reprise her role in 2016?  OMG, who are they going to have as TRUMP???

* Love this piece from Sali Hughes, on why all the best people have worked in the service industry.

* As a huge Gilmore Girls fan, this piece on where the cast think their characters would be now was a great read.

* I had this song utterly stuck in my head all day on Friday.  Heath Ledger, man.  What a treasure:

* Are you more Easy A or Mean Girls?  If like me you watch way too many teen flicks, you'll want to know!

* Autumn always makes me want to hibernate a little and spruce up the old homestead.  Love this collection of pretty, pretty bedrooms.

* Found this while watching cat videos yesterday.  Kitty soap opera, anyone?

* I've now watched the first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt at least four times.  There's no judgement in Netflix, right?  I liked this piece on Season 2 - can't wait!

* I love When Harry Met Sally, I also enjoy The Atlantic, so this think piece on the former in the latter was a must read.  An interesting look at inequality.

* I did not know there was a The Office wiki.  *loses hours*

* As an avowed evening shower-er (thick curly hair, you guys!), this piece made me chuckle!

* More beautiful bedrooms!  I'm on the hunt for something for the foot of our bed.

* We've just started watching Brooklyn 99 on Netflix (very funny!), which lead me down a Lonely Island spiral the other day.  This is a fave (warning, occasional rudes):

* A little clickbaity, but I liked this rundown of celeb prom pictures.  Ellen's is priceless!

* My home office is currently 'in transition' (read: a bit of a mess!) - love the ones showcased here!

Most Read Posts in August

1. Topping the chart in what has been a honeymoon-update heavy month was my post on Day 1 - flying first class and arriving in Las Vegas was awesome!

2. Following hot on its heels is the update for Day 2, complete with a good old nose around our fantastic suite at the MGM Grand.

3. This instagram catch up from the hot and sticky days of early July hits the top three for the month of August.  Tom Kerridge spots have that effect!

4. Day 5 of honeymoon comes next, with gambling, spa adventures and margaritas in Mariah mugs.

5. My review of Jessica N. Turner's The Fringe Hours lands in the fifth spot.  Such a good book!

6. Day 6 of the honeymoon, as we headed off from Las Vegas to beautiful Hawaii, lands in sixth for the month.

7. Monday Funday from the middle of the month comes in seventh.  Monday Funday is now a link-up - I'd love for you to join the fun next time you have something fun to share!

8. My weigh-in Wednesday from week 2 is the eighth most viewed.

9. My write up of my cooking adventures with the #slidingovendoorsofjoy lands in ninth.  Such a brill day out!

10. Last but not least, our sunset cruise on Day 7 of our honeymoon rounds out this month's countdown.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Picnic at the Tower Hotel

A couple of weeks ago I was very kindly invited along to the Tower Hotel for an evening picnic.

As I am both a sucker for an outdoor feast and one who is always keen to head off and enjoy some spectacular London views, I was very happy to accept the invitation and enjoy the evening.  The rain had been threatening to hit all day (August in London!), but the evening was calm and dry, if a little cool.  It was such fun to meet up with some lovely bloggers and enjoy a little hospitality, all while taking in some pretty exceptional views of Tower Bridge.

The hotel is *right* next to Tower Bridge - I'm definitely hoping to head there for afternoon tea (with unlimited prosecco for £24.99 - a steal!) or drinks at Xi Bar sometime to enjoy the views a little more.

Pimms, glorious Pimms.

We each received a little picnic to enjoy!

Minature cake selection - the little fruit tart was my favourite morsel.

Tower Bridge and the Shard - I think the views would be even more awesome up in the hotel proper.

Many thanks to Guoman Hotels for a lovely evening, and to Joes Bloggers for the kind invitation.

Disclaimer: I was invited to an event at the hotel and hosted there.  All opinions herein are my own.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Wednesday Weigh In, Week 3

There's a great pin that does the rounds quite a lot on pinterest, talking about the 'more' and 'less' of getting healthy.  More veggies, less sugar.....more sleep, less get the picture?  The one that really stuck with me was the "more action, less words" - as happy as I am that I've started this change, I think gearing up for a long weekly post is me trying to spend more time thinking  about getting healthy....and less time actually getting healthy!  It was ever thus.  I do like the accountability factor of a weigh-in though, so I'll be updating fortnightly with progress and details of high points and low points, as well as any pertinent pictures!

High points of this week:

Finally I can hear again!  I took myself back to the docs and a second course of meds is working wonders.

I have been much better with portion control when eating at home.

My water consumption is pretty much perfect.

Yesterday, after lots of faffing and a healthy whack of fear, I actually made it to the gym!  I picked up my card and did a very fun hour-long dance class.  By the end I was shattered and beet red, but happy to have completed the class!

Low points of this week:

Eating out is an issue, so I want to make wiser choices.  It's hard not to have burgers or cakes when others are indulging.  I'm going to try to be better with my planning so I can have an occasional meal of without feeling guilty.

Gym fear!

And now, the data!

Start weight: 263 pounds (119.5 kilos; 18 stone 11 pounds)
19.8.15: 258 pounds (117 kilos; 18 stone 6 pounds)    
26.8.15: 257 pounds (116.5 kilos; 18 stone 5 pounds) TOTAL LOSS 6lbs
2.9.15: 258 pounds (117 kilos; 18 stone 6 pounds)  TOTAL LOSS 6lbs

Start measurements (bust, waist, hip, thigh):125cm, 105cm, 127cm, 74cm ( 49 inches, 41 inches, 50 inches, 29 inches)
19.8.15: 124cm, 104cm, 124cm, 73cm          
26.8.15: 122cm, 102cm, 123cm, 73cm            TOTAL LOSS 11cm
2.9.15: 121cm, 102cm, 122cm, 70cm             TOTAL LOSS 16cm

Start BMI and Body Fat %: BMI of 43.8, Body Fat % of 31.9
19.8.15: BMI 42.9, BF% 31.3
26.8.15: BMI 42.8BF% 31.3
2.9.15: BMI 42.9, BF% 31.3

I'll check in again in a fortnight, hopefully with good news!  I'm aiming for lots of fruits and veggies, catnaps aplenty, and regular exercise becoming a feature.  Onwards.

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