Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Our wedding: The Ceremony

All photos once again courtesy of the multi-talented A Sweeney Photography.

Fair warning, there are lots of photos in this post.  But you don't get married every day, right?

Matthew and his groom team.

Nick ushering up a storm!

With my gorgeous bridesmaids and my dad.

Loved this part - so cute!

The boys realised bridal squad are on the way - action stations!

Pretty girls!

My parents walking me down the aisle.

Mum & Dad.

A shot of the whole shebang.

Singing away.

Hee.  I don't know what's going on here, but I do like that we both seem to be quite chilled and silly with it!

Henry read beautifully from Corinthians.

And Jane gave a gorgeous reading from Union.

Clearly deep in thought!

Getting a blessing.

Ooooh, exciting!

I'm so pleased we got the words right!

Husband and wife.

Signing the register, surrounded by so many of our favourites.

Yep, lots of beaming and grinning going on.

I was clearly thrilled to see my colleagues from the English department and their families!


Love this shot of my Auntie Sandra making sure we got hit with every last grain of confetti!

And we're married!  Off to the reception...

Monday, September 22, 2014

Our Wedding: Before the Ceremony

Yay!  Our wedding photos have all arrived and I'm so excited to share them.  Our photographer was the amazing Andy Sweeney, who Matthew and I have known for quite some time, and who we were thrilled to have at our wedding!

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be sharing some of my favourite shots from Andy.  Today, the pre-ceremony elements are the focus.  Enjoy, if weddings are your bag!

Our reception was in a marquee on my school's sports ground.  I was so pleased with how it turned out.  On every table was a collection of games, things to read, and knick-knacks.

Our welcome table, complete with a gorgeous hand-drawn table plan from the hugely talented Emily of Under a Glass Sky, who was part of our 'bridal squad'.

Sweetie buffet!

As well as sweeties to take away, we made up little favours of teacups, tea, shortbread and a bookmark.  It felt like it summed up a lot of our favourite things!

The pavilion & marquee.

Our ceremony took place at St Clement Danes, the central church of the RAF.  We both wanted that part of my family's history to be part of the day, and the church was just the perfect venue.

Such a beautiful church!  The little blue shapes are the many, many squadron badges of the RAF.

A priest's-eye-view - brilliant organ!

Matthew and his best men greeting the guests.

Bridal squad.


I had fourteen bridesmaids.

How lucky am I?

Visions in yellow!

We were so lucky with the weather!  The days either side were rain, rain, rain.  On the wedding day itself?  Nary a drop!  Here, bridal squad members await go time.

So many people were kind enough to make time to join us for the celebrations; we were incredibly touched!  So many others who were unable to make it spoiled us with cards and good wishes.  It was so lovely to be at the epicentre of so much goodwill!

Such a fabulous guard of honour :)

The ushers look like they may be plotting something...

I'm here!  I love Siobhan's reaction!

One last primp from Emily and Siobhán...and then it's time to go!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


As ever, September has been a busy, busy time so far.

Work and life always seems to ramp up a gear as the back-to-school frenzy descends, and it's been an exhausting, exhilarating, busy, beautiful couple of weeks.  Usually I tend to hibernate a little at the weekends and evenings in September, but this year I've been determined to stay busy at school and away from school.

Here's a little of what I've been up to recently:

There's always time for Poppet-Cat!  Lots of late night snuggles for this lady - she'd gotten so used to having me home over summer, I think back to school has been a bit of a shock.

As well as our regular coffee and movie dates, Shona and I have also been branching out.  Last night we went to Silent Disco (always a fave of mine!); it was hilarious!

The first rule of brunch club?

You eat a lot of brunches :)  Just lovely to have time to catch up with the girlies!

Fry continues to melt our hearts with his sweet nature.  Every morning he now deploys his squeaky little miaow to ensure he gets Claire cuddles before I head to work.  And every evening too.  He's just the most lovely, calm, polite little thing!

Last weekend I made it over to Bristol for lunch, shopping and cocktails with the gorgeous Naomi and Steph - just brilliant to catch up!

Christy and I are reliving our teens by rereading VC Andrews' ridiculous Flowers In The Attic series.  And watching the Lifetime movies too.  So. Much. Melodrama.

While this is a busy work season for both of us, Matthew and I are also enjoying being newlyweds, and are always looking for windows where we can hang out.  Sometimes this means sharing a cab home from work so we can catch up and chat before separate evening plans!  This was London last night, glimpsed as we journeyed home.  Love our city.

Leela has been her usual silly, purrful, hilarious self.  My favourite times with her are when she sneaks into the living room solo when I'm reading and we just curl up all cosy.  She's such an energetic wee thing, it's lovely to catch that mellow side of her!

The Scottish referendum has been very much front and centre in our thoughts (I'm Scots-English, and either way the call would have potential major changes ahead for our family).  Ultimately, Scotland voted no, by a narrow majority (55%/45%), with one of the best voter turnouts I've seen in modern times in a democratic nation. 

Tea.  Always tea.

I also managed to squeeze in a very fun Mexican cooking evening with Old El Paso (more on that soon!).  Delicious!

So that's my month so far.  Phew!  Add in school starting and the Junior League year kicking off and it's been a barrel of busy so far.  How are you all?

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