Pic 5: Ambassador's Reception

Another pic including the one and only Hoti (Harding of that Ilk!), the man, the legend. Such a top bloke, and a good friend.

We've had a way of it though - friends to snogging to ignoring each other to drunken chat to good friends to dinners to him flashing my mum (long story) to Edinburgh, darling to amusing texts to riding a fairground in Leicester Square on my birthday...

If we've fit all of that into the last year and a bit, I can't wait to see what five years of friendship might bring!

Let the adventure commence, Hoti!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Claire. How did you find me?

  2. Hello:

    I dropped by to thank you for visiting Dark Glass. I was thinking of mixing up some margaritas and ordering in some hot wings while we watch St Stan's and the Archbishop duke it out. I know beer's more popular in the UK. Let me know and I'll get some Guiness.

    I've enjoyed reading your BLOG by the way. Very upbeat.

    P. Del Ricci - Dark Glass

  3. Merci beacoup foodiechickie! I found your site whilst looking for blogs about cooking and baking. Cookies are a passion of mine, hee.



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