This year, I've decided I like new year's I'm going to make them now (think of the fodder for sarcasm they will afford in oh, February or March). Here goes - I'm going to make several, so I'll hopefully get at least *some* of them achieved.

1. Start planning what on earth I want to do.
So I've got my degrees, a kickass bunch of friends, a quirky but supportive family, a good job and a cute wee flat...what now? This year I would like to figure out my gameplan for the next few years...further study? Travel? Going work crazy? Or just hiding under a duvet eating cheese?

2. Correspond.
I love writing letters and am pretty good at it; but this year I am determined to become a better writer of cards, letters, etc..

3. Read oodles of books.
I read a fair bit, but I want to read even more - I'm going to try and make it part of my schedule (not least because I need to get cracking on the book lists that Jean and Wilson gave me!).

4. Sort out my photos into albums.
(I had to put at least one I thought I might actually do!)

5. Take more holidays or trips.
I would like to go to France to see Mlle Wilson, to Durham to see Jean, to London to have fun with Henry and Tim. I would also like to go off on holiday somewhere fun too....I never took holidays as a child, so I guess I'm making up for it now!

6. Do *something* this summer.
Work / volunteer / intern / write bad prose? Eight weeks is too long to be at a loose end :-)

7. Start to understand my hair.
Am going to invest in some straighteners. Let the hilarity commence.

8. Lose 30 pounds.
Have already dropped 15 since starting at school, would like to trim off some more, which would put me at my lowest for a fair old while - the point where I look curvy / voluptuous and all that good stuff.

9. Learn to drive.
Argggggh. I am going to be such a bad driver. But I really need to be able to! The quandary...

10. Cook more, and get a few recipes perfect.

11. Pay off my credit card, and keep slogging away on the loans.
Yuck, but necessary.

12. Have at least a few dates, liaisons or intrigues....I'm not ready for spinsterhood just yet!
It's not that I don't have any offers - I'm just a strange combo of oblivious and / or fussy.

There we go, a dirty dozen resolutions....and for luck, number 13 should probably be to keep up with this blog. I always say I miss writing for pleasure.

It's now half-twelve; this country mouse is off to bed.

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  1. Apparently, I've got it all wrong. According to blogthing, my new year's resolutions should be:

    1. Eat more cotton candy

    2. Travel to Spain

    3. Study witchcraft

    4. Get in shape with pilates

    5. Eat more whipped cream

    6. Eat more escargot

    7. Travel to France

    8. Study cannibal cultures

    9. Eat more Cheetos

    10. Study animal behavior



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