Best laid plans

So there I was, all ready to go in and be really keen and fabulous and sort my classroom out 5 days before term starts...and I can't leave the house!

One of the connecting doors has frozen / jammed / got stuck in some way and my landlords are out... there was a note on it saying they will fix it a.s.a.p., but they are away today. Hmmmm. So no going into school today - I have got plenty of stuff that I can get on with here also, but now I'll have to do my classroom on Saturday, bummer.

Also, I'll have to go out on the moped this evening (forecast: rain), in the cold and dark, to buy the stamps and other necessaries I need for finishing off my thank you notes. Unless the landlords get back before 5, in which case I can nip to the village shop.

Wow, I've got a wee case of the Eeyores today! I blame the day of meetings that looms tomorrow (and can I find my schedule for it anywhere? Because of course, I'm going to be able to find something was given right at the end of last term. It's in my room...somewhere; but of course, I can't get into my classroom today). Back to school, here I come....

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