Beyond tired, and all that good stuff

Wowee, I am exhausted. I went to a hunt ball last night and had an awesome time (drinking! dancing! snogging! bantering! yay!), but am paying for it now. The Claire trend of not getting a hangover continues (thank you, Him Upstairs), but I'm just exhausted and wiped out today. This may have something to do with the fact that I got to sleep at 3 or 4, and woke up at 8ish, when the adorable Millie and Olly (aged 2 and 4, and suuuuper cute!) came bounding into "my" room (or to use its official name, the living room), ready to play.

Um, yay!

The ball was really good fun, and despite the fact I only knew one other person there to begin with (Nellie!) I soon got chatting away and met some really cool people. High point was probably doing ceilidh dancing and going a bit nuts - there were two Scots in or party and like a gazillion middle we had to represent, right?

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