Argh, rage!

My baby moped is brokened! It's been in the shop for over a week and they cannot fix it!

Y'all have no idea how my bottom lip is wibbling right now.

What on earth am I going to do? Am so busted, to coin a me-ism...

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  1. Yellow peril - denied!! Sorry to hear that babe. Have now got a head cold - go me. And went to see Shakespeare last night - intello or what? it was Titus Andronicus and really bloody and people having hands and tongues cut off, lovely. Hope you doing ok, photos to follow and also sorry again about being a crappy ill hostess and no fun nights out - next time it'll be HUGE promise, Nxx

  2. Uh-oh. They will find a way!...I hope. You ok other than that though? I'm so tired and achey; went to fitness yoga last night. Ow!!

  3. Sympathy for the yellow-wonder; is there really nothing they can do? Anyone you might be able to get a lift with temporarily until you can get back on the road somehow?

    I feel your pain - I had a similar thing happen with my own moped. The engine imobiliser kicked in and wouldn't kick out again (this isn't much fun whilst driving down a dual carriageway) but with love and care it was somehow repaired. Then they billed me. Alas not all the best things in life are free.


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