Well here I am in Paris, waiting to prendre une douche before Naomi and I hot the city again. It is lovely to be here, and I am having a wonderful stay, enjoying beautiful sights, culture, good company and lovely food. This really is an amazing city, and I'm so glad I made it back...

Arrived on Wednesday, and had a lovely chilled evening avec Naomi and Rob, had some fabulous Chinese from his family's restaurant. Gorgeous food, and I even tried frogs legs! Conclusion: they taste like chicken.

Yesterday Mlle Wilson and I went off around the city - we browsed les chaussures fabeleux in Galleries Lafayette, had lunch at a very hip Parisian bio-cafe (mmmm, detox soup with coconut and honey), browsed around some chinese and japanese shops, went to the coolest tea shop ever, went to Notre-Dame (it's looking so much better than last time I was here), went to the Assemblie Nationale and the sculptures by the Musee D'Orsay, and Invalides. Then we met up with Rob and went up to Monmatre and Sacre-Coeur - one of my favourite parts of the city! Then in the evening we went for dinner at a very cute Parisian hole-in-the-wall, full of French people being awesomely....French, with nary a tourist in sight.

Today we are hitting the Orsay and the Tuileries, going for amazing chocolat chaud at Angelinas and shopping. Tonight is social central before I leave tomorrow :-(. Can't I just stay here and drink wine and ponder?


PS Exciting news - my friend J is now a mummy! Big congrats, J and O, she is gorgeous and I can't wait to send my gift over!
PPS Photos are being taken of Paris follow!
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