Je vais a Paris!

Well the bags are packed, the wardrobe's been critiqued, the bank balance has been checked (ooof, I really can't afford this...) and I am literally just about to head out the door to the train station to whizz down to London, tube through to Waterloo, then L'Eurostar to Paris, there in time for a late afternoon tea avec Mlle Wilson.

I cannot remember any of my high school French.

Yesterday was fun, just a lovely chilled day - my flat is cleaner than it's ever been! And then I had a gorgeous meal, a lovely bath, some fine wine, and fell asleep before 10... midway through Love Actually. Good fun.

Apparently, the 'average' British spend on Valentine's this year was £92. WTF? That's more than my return on Eurostar is costing. Just insane, and all a bit too Wayne and Colleen-y for my taste.

Next blog entry will no doubt be a) loooooong, b) peppered with lots of French phrases, and c) slightly panicked (as another half-term rolls round - and I don't think all of the reports I sent out will have been welcome. They were, however, exceedingly fair, so it's going to be a case of "Brace yourself").

Have fun, y'all!


PS That's what I've forgotten - haven't had breakfast....leftover Lindor, anyone?
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  1. Have fun in Paris and don't spend too much! Love you.


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