Home sweet back of beyond...

Guess who's back north?

After a gossiptacular weekend where four of my friends pulled each other (and I, like a vestal virgin, did nowt!) and a frantic clear-up-classroom and packing frenzy yesterday, I am now returned to the family homestead en Ecosse. It's good to be back, and I can feel laziness sinking in.

Siblingus midimus and I are currently slouched in front of baaaad music TV (yay freeview- damn, the Pussycat Dolls are bendy), gaming and emailing. Hey, the family that's connected to the internet together, um, gets RSI together?

More. Soon.

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  1. Hello -

    Saw you stopped by my place (Chock Late) - thanks for leaving a note! Come by again, I swear its not 100% cat-talk. What part of England are you in?

    My husband and I LOVE England (his favorite football team is Man United)- I'm forever searching for places to get PG tips and the good biscuits here in California. Fortunately an English shop opened not too far from here, so I no longer have to beg my British friends to ship me stuff!


  2. Cheers to you too hon - and mad respect on the PG tips front!


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