The blog at bedtime...

Am so ready for bed. Right down to teeth brushed, bed pulled out. But I realised I had to get a blog done first. Dedicated, right? And this is actually my second try (blogger ate the first one), so please excuse any errors or pedantry (for once I have an excuse!).

For the last couple of days I have been blessed with the company of the ever stylish Mlle Wilson. After taking her to the diner (milkshakes, woo!), and showing her the school (good times on the play equipment - photos to follow) I showed her the crazy sights and insanely hip nightlife of little village and bigish town, and then fed her so. much. cheese. as we watched Green Wing on DVD. It was almost like being back in Durham! We also played the "Mr Darcy drinking game", but this time with the newer version, with G&T as our chosen poison. How Chad's, right? It was a lovely reunion for two-thirds of the Gilesgate three - we would have had Jean with us also....but she is currently trekking the Sahara. Always with the unexpected!

Today was a sing-a-thon (watch out, Simon Cowell!) and yet more Green Wing. There is nothing like the grey and loaded sky of middle England for inspiring you to stay within where it is warm and there is tea.

After Mlle Wilson's departure, I did some minor pottering, and headed to Tescos (woo! shoutout!) - getting royally rained on in the process. Called ER to sort tomorrow (London, baby!), texted Tim and Colin for coffee plans, read heat and generally vegged.

Less than a week of hols to go. Boo. But now, it's bedtime. Sweet dreams, all!

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