Tea and toffee cake to celebrate....

....the fact that it's half term, woo! A whole week of nothing much, just sorting, pottering, socialising and pondering. Hurrah. I really feel liked I've earned the break, it's been a tough week or two. Wish I could be going up to Scotland, but at least I'll be there in a couple of months. Plus I just got an email from Cat saying she'll be coming over in July also, yay! Can't believe it's been so little time....I feel like she's been back home forever. Hurry up, Gillies!

I have my driving theory test on Wednesday. I am so nervous. I just can't get my head around the figures and facts involved. I'm going to work on it over Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, so hopefully I'll get up to scratch. Sunday is church, and I might go along to PACE class before the main service. I really feel like I'm being called deeper and deeper. I might also see if I can join one of the lifegroups (I think the Tuesday night might work best for me). At the end of the break I might go to Bristol, London or Winchester; and as always there is plenty of work stuff to be getting on with, and home-y things like laundry, bills and joining a doctor's down here. Thrilling, not at all, but necessary!

Yay holidays!

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The kids have just finished day 2 of exams...and I'm already pooped! Lord knows how the children are doing! Have just had a yummy dinner of grilled chicken and cheesey pasta and a thoroughly enjoyable phone call with Mlle Wilson, and am now flopped in front of t'telly, watching Location, Location, Location and vegging out. Thanks heavens it's half term soon. I have a week of study, friends, books and DVDs planned. Hurrah!

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10 to seven in the morning...

....and I'm actualy up and at em! Yay! All last week I was down with...something, so I'm glad my immune system seems to have kicked in.

Lovely chilled weekend, normal Saturday morning school then off with my team to Berkshire for a rounders match. We were beaten 11-10, but at least it was a close result (also, to be fair, our fielding was much better, but we had some unlucky breaks!). Saturday evening involved me, and a cup of tea, tucked up in bed watching Eurovision. Genius as always, and a lovely way to relax after a good day.

Yesterday was a slooow start, then church. Really good vibe at church yesterday and a really brilliant sermon - challenging, invigorating and thought-porvoking. Then good chat with people over coffee at the end. The afternoon was chores, net time and chilling out, then last night Rachel and Fiona came by for dinner. Lovely end to a lovely day. Fell into bed at around midnight, and now....

It's Monday!

I hope you all have a lovely week!

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Short and sweet....

....a bit like me!

Well I find myself with a spare five minutes, and figured I'd actually stir my stumps enough to post here. It turns out the summer term is more frenetic than the other two combined. And as if I didn't have enough on my plate, the universe has now gifted me with....hay fever. Woot!

All is well here, apart from the really freaking busy thing, and I'm romping along quite merrily. The days seem to be a blur of class-teaching-child-chatting-to-rounders-practice-taking-pub-visiting-church-going-audition-crashing-dinner-attending....roll on half term. I feel like my feet aren't touching the ground.

Ho-hum, I'd only complain if I was bored!

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I know, I know. It's been a while...

Did anyone miss me?

My humblest apologies for the three week odd dropping of signal - a combination of overwork, contemplation and laziness combined to keep me from blogging for a few weeks. So what have you missed?

Term is back, I've been rejected by the X-factor, I'm slowly trying to get over the ubercrush (but every step I take forward with that seems to zip me straight back another step. Dagnammit!), the health kick is starting in earnest again this week (been on the plateau too long), have booked my driving theory test (am so crap at it.....pray for me, please), and then loads of the usual gubbins.

More soon - and this time I mean it (I hope!).

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