I know, I know. It's been a while...

Did anyone miss me?

My humblest apologies for the three week odd dropping of signal - a combination of overwork, contemplation and laziness combined to keep me from blogging for a few weeks. So what have you missed?

Term is back, I've been rejected by the X-factor, I'm slowly trying to get over the ubercrush (but every step I take forward with that seems to zip me straight back another step. Dagnammit!), the health kick is starting in earnest again this week (been on the plateau too long), have booked my driving theory test (am so crap at it.....pray for me, please), and then loads of the usual gubbins.

More soon - and this time I mean it (I hope!).

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  1. Am having the same problem. Will blog at some point.Luv you.


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