The fabulous life of me....

...or how to take pleasure in the little things.

It's a rainy dreary Saturday here, in a really good way! After the high temps of the last few weeks it's so nice to be cool and feel refreshed. We are all having a lovely chilled day as a famille, which is nice - busy with our own things but seeing plenty of one another also.

The day began well when the mailman brought a package from the gorgeous Cat (thank you sweetie) - it's my belated birthday and Christmas gifts (organisation not being Cat's strong suit!). I got an awesome Australia footy tee, a Rebecca St James CD and some 'Roo Poo' (chocolate covered peanuts, haha). Fab!

Then, after a lazy brekkie I jumped in the shower (I love my shower gel, btw! Molton Brown's Grapeseed - so refreshing and rejuvenating) before another driving lesson. It was fun - we drove all the way along the coast, then attacked some busy, busy roundabouts in Elgin, then did some manouveres...a very productive 90 minutes. I cannot get over how comfortable I am feeling behind the wheel! Can I pass my test August 18th? I don't know, but keep me in your could happen!

After that, back to the homestead, then I told Marmee I'd do the big shop for her this week. As I'm pretty much the catering manager round here it seemed sensible. Bought all the necessaries, plus some treats! I got Charlotte Church's album for 4.50 (bargain!) and splashed out on some chocolate and a chickflick DVD for sis and I to share tonight - we're gonna have a girls night in, complete with gossip, PJs and me straightening her hair (which is's going to take for..e.....ver!).

Right, better go to cook dinner....hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

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  1. Thanks for your comment, keep an eye out for any films you've seen.
    Have a great holiday !
    I'll pop by to check.

  2. It sounds like you had a fabulous time with the family. It is great to get those rainy days, I love lighting candles and cleaning on those days, ohhh and watching life time movies are a must!

    Hope the rest of your weekend was great!


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