My first proper, the country mouse is growing up!

O.k. I was tagged by Britmum.

I’m thinking about: Lots of stuff…whether I want another cup of tea, why it’s pouring down rain in a Biblical stylee mid-August, what’s going on with my career, why The Bank (as in a boy, not the actual bank) hasn’t written me back, and how on earth I can improve my reverse parking. My brain is a veritable bouncy castle of thought.

I said: Many, many things. Most of them random.

I want to: Get back on the healthkick – do you think I can lose 30 lbs by Christmas? Or am I loca?

I wish: I was in Hawaii, on the beach, sipping a long, cool drink and looking forward to a dinner date with Jake Gyllenhaal.

I hear: The cheesey-pop sounds of Take That, my cat purring, and my sister rustling papers and sighing as she revises.

I wonder: How did I get here? Where am I going?

I regret: Being afraid.

I am: The only one of me (and the world breathes a huge sigh of relief!).

I dance: Crazily…and with gusto!

I sing: Quite a lot!

I cry: At soppy movies, sad songs, cheesey books, adverts… I’m a leaker!

I’m not always: Sure I know what I’m doing!

I make with my hands: Cakes, cards, Christmas decorations and classroom displays.

I write: To relax and share.

I confuse: 99.5% of the population.

I need: People. “People who need people…are the luckiest people…”

And finally: I am me. I am odd. I am happy.

Now I wave my magic wand (borrowed from Britmum) and tag the following lucky individuals who are brilliany, awesome and super!

Tag, and love to:~ Pixie, Shannon, Angieoh! and Heart of Darkness.Can't wait to read what you all say (I'm still working on how to link, but their fabulous blogs are all in my sidebar ---->).

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. Bloody Brilliant Clare.

    Hey you can link by going into where you post. Go to help and read what it says about linking. It is really easy. You just highlight the persons name or what ever you want to link and then you click this funny looking button(kind of looks green) and you just put there web address in like: Hope this helps.

    Take care xx

  2. I will surely do your tag!! Maybe the next post or the post after it..thank you girl!! Your answers were great!!

  3. take that? i think i have heard of them..

    i confuse that much of the poopualtion too..maybe a tad more.

    i was tagged to do this. i will do it for monday..

    can i go to hawaii with you? only Idont want to meet jake G..I would rather cosy up with a rock star or a bad boy like colin ferral..

  4. If you figure out how to ditch 30 pounds by Christmas, let me in on the secret. I find it's much easier to just gain the weight than lose it.

  5. Thank you so much for tagging me. If you don't like me, just spit it out! *sigh*

    Okay, I'm done with the dramaqueen act, and yes, I will honor the tag and post it on my site later on... have a good day!

  6. Britmum: Thanks for the tag and the advice....glad you approve! ;-)

    Shannon: Yay, I'm excited to see what you come up with!

    Bossy: I figure the Hawaii part is the key, right? The imaginary celeb boytoys are interchangeable!

    Babs: Oh, I hear you! And if I figure it out, I'm writing a book!

    HoD: You're so funny, girl! I'll look forward to checking out your answers!


  7. oh crap, the boy toys have to be imaginary?..oh bloody hell no girl..


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