(You Drive Me) Crazy

So, I had a really bad nights sleep yesterday. Why? Because I was stressing about my drivers test. It's next Friday, and I think it just hit me last night, eager as I was to fall asleep and dream of dinner dates with Jake Gyllenhaal in Hawaii (*sigh*). I've been trying really hard in my lessons and working my socks off, but the pressure is on. I really wnat to be able to drive, to have a car, to visit my friends more....

There's a lot riding on 45 minutes of my life.

For those of you who don't know me personally (well, in person), I am not the best with nerves. As often as I sing / act / speak in public, no matter how many exams and tests I've taken, when it comes right down to the wire I still get nervous. When I did a run of Anything Goes during my junior year at uni it was a running joke that at the five minute call you could always find me cowering in a stall in the Ladies - nauseous, pale and frightened. As soon as I'd step onto the stage, not a problem...but before, ugh?

I was the same with exams at uni - I'd be the one in the queue outside either deathly silent (which is veeeery odd for me) or on full autowitter. And when we'd get in there I was always the candidate with about 17 pens and 13 pencils...just in case they ran out / broke. But once the exam itself started, I'd calm down.

So next week, think of me, probably with my head in the toilet, trying to summon up the courage to get through the evvvvvviiiiillllll driving test. I'd love to pass!

Have a great day,

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  1. heyyy... you WOULD pass!! just shoot in a couple of tequilas...:) before the test, i mean! :)

    jokes apart,... do not worry!

    *thumbs up*

  2. I have full confidence in you, and am sure you'll ace the test!

    Heck, if I aced it, anybody can! ;)

  3. you will do fine...

    dont worry..

    so your an acotr lady huh..and u sing?..me too...

    so funny:)

  4. Oh I am sure that you will pass.

    I remember it taking me a year to learn to drive in England and two attempts at my test.

    I had it in my head that the test guy was supposed to be really mean and when he was really nice it through me. My legs went to jelly and I just couldn't drive.

    The second time the guy wasn't nice and I challenged him at the end over a manouver and I passed. LOL

    I was 21, boy that was a long time ago. Best thing I ever did was learn to drive. You get so much freedom to go and be who you want.

    Good luck sweetie and I am sure you will do great.

    Take care xx

  5. Don't worry..Relax!! Watch some movies!!


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