Adventures in Snowdonia

The mountains of Wales. So gorgeous, and really reminded me of the Highlands at home. And yes...we climbed that one!
There's a special rock in Snowdonia which looks like a giant seesaw / flying carpet - this is me, in customary geek pose, atop said geological phenomenon.
Oh yes, I did. Breaking out the jazz hands while appearing to float in midair (mad skills, right?). Haha, am a loser!
Windy? Oh yes! Very high up in the mountains? Yep! Vastly too big clothing? You betcha, baby!
Ain't it pretty? Lookit, lookit!

The final photo is the cheesiest / worst / most awful photo I think I have of myself. In fact the Y7 girls we took to Snowdonia and I decided that if and when I decide to get married I have to show this pic to the future Mr Countrymouse. And if he stays despite it...he's a keeper.

Hope y'all liked the pics, have a great Friday!

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  1. That rock is absolutely amazing. Very cool pics.


  2. claire, i think you're adorable. full stop.

  3. Very beautiful pictures. Reminds me that I need to take a holiday this summer.

  4. I like the floating rock too. And if that's the cheesiest picture of you that there is, you'll have to beat the prospective Mr. CMs off with a stick. (I hope that phrase exists across the ocean, otherwise it might sound gross.) I'm jealous of your trip.


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