My day as a born-again teenager.

So, the cold meds have thrown up quite an odd wee side effect. One I wasn’t envisaging. With all due respect to my teen friends (y’all know you’re fabulous, so don’t even play), today I have been, for lack of a better descriptor, adjective or string of words, exceptionally teenage in my habits.

Now, of course, to simply describe behaviour as teenage would just be silly. Like any slice of the populace, the lovely teens as a wide and varied in their colours as can be. But you know that stereotypical teen, so beloved of screenwriters? Well, that’s been me for the duration of today. I don’t usually get the time to devote to vegging out, but today I just seem to have regressed ten years.

(apologies in advance for typos, errors, omissions and just plain randomness. The crazily sexy cough-fits, expeditions for tissues and other assorted ‘La Boheme’ ripping off behaviours keep sweeping me off task. Plus, as part of my homage to teenagedom, I am of course blogging sprawled out on bed, pulling faces at my sister and wearing ‘emo’ gloves. Long story.)

So yes, a teenage day. I spent most of the morning myspacing, emailing, IM-ing with Cat, reading (I’m reading a really cool book called ‘Watching The English’ – I do love a good bit of cultural anthropology), picking things up and putting them down. Trust me, I’m not even joking :-).

Then I built up the gargantuan stocks of energy to…have a bath. And get dressed. I’m so glad this cold is on the wane, I am so shocking at being subpar. Plus I can’t sing properly, which is awful. I just feel bereft when I can’t sing, and now the sore throats gone I think “ooooh, hang on I can sing again”, then try and hit a glory note and remember the whole chesty-and-hard-to-breathe part. Oh dear.

This afternoon I watched a shameful, shameful, shhhhammmmmeful amount of tv. Including not one, not two, but three old eps of ‘Newlyweds’. I feel really dirty now, but watching Jessica Simpson panic about sausages, hair, and snowboarding (trust me, you had to be there) really worked for my soul this afternoon. As did lots of orange juice. Mmmmm. OJ.

And now it’s blogging and youtube. And in traditional Claire fashion I feel so! much! better! now, cos it’s evening and my brain is back in the vaguely ‘on’ position. But not far enough to write a deep and meaningful post, huh? ;-)

Have a great evening, all!


PS Ooooh, I also made a mix CD and ate crackers. Seriously, pray I wake up tomorrow feeling normal!
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  1. That's like, totally, an awesome day. CUL8TR. :)

  2. I am SO jealous!!!! I worked today ... it would've been nice to have a ME day.

  3. Hope that tomorrow is truly a better day.


  4. You seemed to have it like so there! (sorry attempt at teen speak) ;)

  5. ooh, claire. but i laughed at your description of a cough. i hope you feel better, sweetie.

  6. Hey, sometimes it's good to regress. But I wish you a good tomorrow.

  7. I am jealous aswell, But I am so planning one of those soon.
    I do hope you feel better but enjoy the laziness


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