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So it's half past ten and I'm vegged in front of the computer, wearing PJs and a 'Class of '03' sweatshirt (this house is always cold), listening to music (Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark....I think I'll keep you posted on the music throughout this thoughtvom) and sipping hot milk. Could I be any cooler? Somehow I doubt it.

(Beautiful (I Guess) - Erin McKeown)

So today mum and I took a roadtrip to get our shop on. Aberdeen is an awe-inspiringly beautiful city...when it wants to be. Today was not one of those days! The grey sky was low and angry clouds swept in from the North Sea with that slow steady permeating drizzle the Granite City is so good at. Despite the inclement weather, a good time was had. A bit of shopping - new bras, new swimsuit, new makeup (so much, and so I just need to figure out how to apply liquid eyeliner!).

(Walk Away - Kelly Clarkson).

Then I met Show-Na for a quick lunch. As always she is super busy and fabulous, but it was great to hang out and catch up. I always enjoy our chats and am glad our friendship is surviving despite our lives taking us in radically different directions at times...

Then mum and I met Aunty S for afternoon tea - she is back from India (seriously, how fab is she?) and had plenty of good chat, comme toujours.

(Truth No 2 - Dixie Chicks)

Long journey home, then a quick sesh on the FTOTZ, a call to set up dinner next week with Sam and Maria, and every good intention to return the calls of Nat, Clare and Kat. I'm afraid the holiday sentiment of manana kicked in!

Tomorrow is bits and pieces around here - researching jobs for summer, writing exams, writing letters to churches for next term's study, emailing out my mixclub CD for this month, mailing maths homework to a couple of my students, calling Erin, and resisting texting he who I have a crush on.

*Mr Darcy: "I shall overcome this, I shall."*

(Any Lucky Penny - Nicky Hassman)

Speaking of / invoking Mr Darcy, I've also got the new Pride '&' Prejudice to watch soon. I've heard good things, but am also regarding it with the kind of dread I tend to reserve for blind dates and blood drives (needles + "difficult" veins = a tonne of fun, believe me). Hopefully I'll adore it.

Reading has gone down a little lately, and I appear to have 'forgotten' to pack Anna Karenina. Goshdarnit! Instead I am rereading Julian Fellowe's Snobs, and am enjoying it once again. It's a piquant book, with well observed characters and a lacing of wit I like, so I figured it was worth another go.

(A Rose Is Still A Rose - Aretha Franklin ft. Lauryn Hill)

Good Lord I'm tired.

Time for Bedfordshire, I think.

A bientot,
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So today we had a reaaaalllly lowkey day. Mama, midimus and I went shopping, and because we are 'klassy' girls we hit Asda for clothes. I bought a truckload of stuff including two pairs of super cute shoes (one of which I am currently wearing while surfing the net...who said 3-4 inch heels and vegging out won't combine?).

Tomorrow it's down to big grey city for shopping, walking and afternoon tea, coffees with friends and more relaxing. It's good to be home, but I can feel my brain turning to mush!

Have emailed local radio station about an internship for summer and started making enquiries about summer work tho, so am not feeling too bad about the lazy thing....surely I deserve a wee break?

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Home sweet back of beyond...

Guess who's back north?

After a gossiptacular weekend where four of my friends pulled each other (and I, like a vestal virgin, did nowt!) and a frantic clear-up-classroom and packing frenzy yesterday, I am now returned to the family homestead en Ecosse. It's good to be back, and I can feel laziness sinking in.

Siblingus midimus and I are currently slouched in front of baaaad music TV (yay freeview- damn, the Pussycat Dolls are bendy), gaming and emailing. Hey, the family that's connected to the internet together, um, gets RSI together?

More. Soon.

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Breaking radio silence....

So haven't blogged in a wee bit. What was it Clara Bow said? Something like "Good girls keep diaries, bad girls never have the time...."

Well I am still pure as the driven, natch, but just exhausted with work and socialness. Plays have come and gone, yellow bugs have returned, work feels more and more all-consuming by the day, crushes have gone off the boil...

I will update more often from now on - with Easter break looming (4 days, baby!), the writing posibilities will be huge.

More soon....honest.

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