I have just had a really nice, chilled day. Nothing special whatsoever, just peaceful, constructive and easy of pace. The landlords are away today, so I volunteered to dogsit, necessitating my being here all day, but it has actually been lovely.

I woke up at seven, but stayed in bed for a couple of hours, finishing off my Green Wing boxset and watching old eps of friends on T4 ( I finally saw the one where David goes to Minsk!) before getting up, bathing, checking messages and all that jazz.

Most of the day has been spring cleaning and sorting - I'd say I'm about halfway through just now, but my wee flat is starting to look much tidier. Half an hour ago I took a break and went out into the garden here (it's gorgeous). If there is anything quite as serene and beautiful as an English country garden on a sunny late afternoon, haven't seen it recently! Classic fm, chilled glass of tonic water with a wedge of lime, new Woody Allen book to get into, black labrador to fuss and time to spare. Just gorgeous....

And now am doing some bits and bobs before heading to Fiona's for the night - dinner, wine and good chat beckon.

What a lovely day,

Hope yours has been equally fulfilling!


PS London on Wednesday was lovely....great as always to see Emma and Tim. Emma and I planned much japery for the upcoming Take That gigs (banners, baby!) and Tim has (bravely? stupidly? bizarrely?) offered to help me out with my driving practice over the summer. Lord help us both, methinks!
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The blog at bedtime...

Am so ready for bed. Right down to teeth brushed, bed pulled out. But I realised I had to get a blog done first. Dedicated, right? And this is actually my second try (blogger ate the first one), so please excuse any errors or pedantry (for once I have an excuse!).

For the last couple of days I have been blessed with the company of the ever stylish Mlle Wilson. After taking her to the diner (milkshakes, woo!), and showing her the school (good times on the play equipment - photos to follow) I showed her the crazy sights and insanely hip nightlife of little village and bigish town, and then fed her so. much. cheese. as we watched Green Wing on DVD. It was almost like being back in Durham! We also played the "Mr Darcy drinking game", but this time with the newer version, with G&T as our chosen poison. How Chad's, right? It was a lovely reunion for two-thirds of the Gilesgate three - we would have had Jean with us also....but she is currently trekking the Sahara. Always with the unexpected!

Today was a sing-a-thon (watch out, Simon Cowell!) and yet more Green Wing. There is nothing like the grey and loaded sky of middle England for inspiring you to stay within where it is warm and there is tea.

After Mlle Wilson's departure, I did some minor pottering, and headed to Tescos (woo! shoutout!) - getting royally rained on in the process. Called ER to sort tomorrow (London, baby!), texted Tim and Colin for coffee plans, read heat and generally vegged.

Less than a week of hols to go. Boo. But now, it's bedtime. Sweet dreams, all!

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Pity party paused, sorryitis outbreak sorted

Gah. You know when you just have one of those slumps. When you just hit a wall and feel wretched (like Cher in Clueless...."I felt useless, and impotent, and I really, really hate that...."). Well that was me yesterday night and this morning. I watched bad TV, I comfort ate (grrrrr), I got thoroughly depressed over completely random and insignificant things...

Such as:

1) The London fiasco. I was going to hit London, but it turns out the trains, they have gone crazy, therefore no London today. Now, I'm going in later this week, and the trip today was last minute to say the least, but I got into such a toddler tantrum with my self. "!!!1!!!!11!!" (am such a baby when I've got the blues).

2) The fact all of my friends round here are away this week. See above, this week is going to be crazy, but I got into a funk because everyone was away. I'm citing PMS and the blues. And the fact that I'm a total labrador who gets down when people are away...

3) Getting back to little village. I had such a good time at home, and loved catching up with old friends - I think part of me had a bit of delayed homesickness at being back here.

4) He who I have a crush on. He's not talking to me for some reason. Now today, in the clear headedness of Sunday afternoon I can think of the myriad reasons why this might be. But last night, in the throes of the blues, it was all about the "He hates me. Am loser. Boohoo." I may be right after all, but frankly, I am starting to get beyond caring. He's just another prat in a long and illustrious line of prats. I am pretty much destined to have crushes on men who are prats, but I'm damned if I'm gonna get depressed about it. He's all I want to settle down, but also sleep with 18 year olds. Whatever, none of my beeswax, but hell man, please commit to a route. And hormones, please stop that little heart skip I get sometines when I'm with him. So teenage, so unecessary.

After twelve hours of this nonsense, I decided to shut. the hell. up. And took myself for a walk through to bigish town to grab the Sunday papers. 4 miles later (I took the long route) and I am feeling 100% better. Lots of fresh air and listening to music on my new and spangly mp3 player was exactly what I needed. Ah, the joys of lipsynching badly to Laura Pausini as you stide through the hills. Like Lizzie Bennett, I do love a good walk. Got myself the Sunday Times also, and some stuffing (am going to make myself a roast dinner!) and fruit (just because). So after this it's going to be a case of parking in front of the telly, watching a combo of My Girl 2 (Anna Chlumsky is one of the few celebs I've ever been compared to), The Princess Bride (who doesn't love this movie. Cary Elwes, people!), Everybody Hates Chris, Porky's (I've never seen it before, but have heard good things), The Queen at 80 (mmmm, documentary fun!), The South Bank Show (Dusty Springfield profile tonight!) and Green Wing (not sure about season 2 yet, but I bought season 1 - which I loved - on DVD and am steadily working through it); reading the papers; writing Easter cards; and calling people.

I knew the fresh air would help. Am so easy to decipher.

More presently,
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Ants (hopefully not in pants).

So I'm back to little village, blogging in a bit of a haze. Because home is a fair old way away, it tends to be a bit of a hike getting home - we left home at a little before one....I got in here at about nine. Wow, am beat. Travel always takes it out of me - I think it's that horrid stop-start thing. I had such a good visit with my family though (almost bought a different ticket back to extend stay), am glad I got to catch up with them.

Flight was the same as usual, quick and perfunctory. Then a trudge through London on the tube - I'm pretty adept at this now, but it can still be a pain with luggage - mainly because there's always at least one dumbass who has to tut at you because you dared to pause while sorting your bags at the side of the corridor (so you won't bunch up the escalator or similar). Screw that noise say I - I fixed him with my best glare. Then lovely landlor Bob picked me up and brought me back to the manor.

Within two minutes, I discovered I had guests - ants. Gah! I went mental with an ant gun and the hoover, and tomorrow I'm getting yet more tools to use in the fight. Little buggers!

But now, dear reader(s?), I must away. Bed and the end of my book (The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets) beckon. More, manana!


PS Have finally ordered self an mp3 player, woo! Is cheap and spangly, and have told self will jog with it this space!

PPS Is it wrong that the thing which is pushing me more than ever before to get a freeview box is the fact that I want to watch 'American Idol'?
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You know how you can tell when a baby is tired? You know, they fidget, their head seems to flop around a bit, they yawn, maybe play with their hair a little. That, my friends, is me right now. I am simply wiped out...and tomorrow I head south again. It's been a fun visit home, culminating in a pub quiz last night, and a lunch and dinner today.

Pub quiz was fun - it's the same quiz we've been going to on and off since S6, so it always feels vaguely like going back to the high school days (probably why I won't go into a pub alone here, something I have no problem down in London, Oxford, Edinburgh... it's taking me back to the teen years!). We did appallingly (Toaly, the Bav and I), but had got chat with the people we ran into.

Lunch today was boozy and fun - I got a lift through with the Bav and her gorgeous wee boy Owen (1 in a couple of months, represent!), and we met up with Toaly, Maz and VS (glad to hear you read the blog hon - I know it's sad, but I like it!). Good chat, cheap food, banter.

Tonight I made a thank you dinner for the family for having me, and have just popped online briefly. Tomorrow I fly back down to Gatwick, then home to wee village and to do some major work...need to get ready for what is promising to be a busy term.

About ten days of holiday left, and as well as work and reading I am hoping to include any / all of the following:

1. Hosting the gorgeous Mlle Wilson for a visit. Pimms outside the pub, hurrah!

2. Heading to London for a FameCon with McClusky, Baggy and whoever can make it.

3. Shopping in London with E.R.. Cue much discussion of jobs, boys and upcoming Take That concerts!

4. A possible jolly to Hampshire to see Hil. Boarding school fun!

5. A solid few hours on the phone with Clare, Kat, Nat, Nell et al.

6. Horseriding! In the day!

7. Dogsitting for the landlords. Woo, responsibility!

8. At least one day of complete laziness and watching TV. My money's on Sunday.

9. Church in London with GRuth.

10. Lunch, coffee, whatever with Fi, Rach, Sal, Emma, Beverley, Sophie, Louisa, Miranda et al.

I'm going to need a holiday after the holidays!

Damn, I apologise for this post - I need to have some cocoa and bed, stat. But first, to hang with the fam.

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Tuesday morning's past nine and I am sat at the dining table, surfing the net and trying to ignore the clock as it winds its way around. I've been up for over an hour, and am working through my second coffee of the day, but I just can't seem to get a wriggle on.

I think its because I've got a lot to do - catching up with friends, cooking, writing cards, book shopping (woo!), a gadzillion phone calls and emails to return - so just sitting here, listening to REM, doing tacky quizzes on myspace and chatting with the sibs seems like fun.

The weather here is finally looking up (although now I've typed that, it's guarenteed to turn again by lunchtime). It's just working that whole 'crazy Scottish weather' vibe at the moment - snow, hail, rain, glorious sun where you don't even need a sweater over your teeshirt - and that's all in the last two days.

I fly back south on Thursday, back to the social and intellectual whirl of Little Village, England. And I have a tonne of work to do (quelle surprise) - next term is going to be frantic. I have to write exams. For eight year olds. I also have to coach rounders (which I only discovered was a propaer sport about three years ago). I have to teach local history....egads. And at the end of term, one of my best friends at the school, and one of the best teachers I know, is leaving to go to Somerset. Blub!

But there are still two weeks left of Easter break - gyms to join, dinners to throw, and hopefully visits from/to or meetings with Mlle Wilson, E.R., Hannah and Hil. Rock!

Right, I'm going to go get on with some of that work I was rabbiting on about.


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100 things...

I’ve seen these on other blogs….and thought I’d join in! 100 things about: me. Hopefully at least some of the information will be new and/or exciting!

1. My middle name is Rachael. If I’d taken another one at confirmation, it would have been Elizabeth.

2. I regularly have the same nightmare. I’m not quite sure how the narrative pieces together, I just know I wake myself up with a scream, or because I’m crying.

3. I like several bad TV shows – current faves are Strictly Dance Fever and American Idol.

4. I hate caviar. Yuck!

5. I want to live in America at least once in my lifetime.

6. I like helping people with their problems, but sometimes I think the sorrow I try to
absorb/deflect from others messes with my head a bit too much.

7. My favourite book is Little Women.

8. I can quote much of the movie Bring It On.

9. And have fallen asleep on three different occasions attempting to watch the whole on Battleship Potemkin.

10. I am terrible at hoovering.

11. I wish I didn’t swear as much as I do.

12. I won awards at high school for drama, French, music, religious ed., modern studies and most deserving (whatever that means). Yay, insignificant subjects!

13. I love making lists. And planning stuff (even imaginary stuff).

14. I am entering the X-factor this year. And I’m terrified.

15. I once got thirty one demerits in a week, while at boarding school.

16. I once shaved my arms. Yes, my actual arms.

17. I was supposed to be called ‘Ben James’. My mum was adamant I was going to be a boy.

18. I once swore at a teacher – unintentionally. And managed not to get into trouble.

19. I only have one, proper, honest to goodness ex-boyfriend.

20. This is the same boy my father described, simply, as “spotty”.

21. I’ve had the same signature since I was 6.

22. I once had a naked man walk into my room at 3 a.m. (he’d pulled my friend who was in the room above me – he’d got lost apres the bathroom) and was self-possessed enough to sit up upon waking and say “Hey sweetheart! I think you mean upstairs.”

23. I don’t get on well with money.

24. In one of my dorms, I felt the presence of a ghost. Temperature dropping, radio switching, water stopping, the whole shebang. Scared the bejaysus out of me.

25. I have thrown potatoes at seagulls before. Long story.

26. My favourite children’s names include: Katherine, James, Jack, Lucas, Eleanor, Mackenzie, Felicity and David. I spent a lot of time when I was younger reading baby names books though, so these could change.

27. I am 5’5” tall….but I spent five years stuck at 5’4 and three-quarters”.

28. I love making mix CDs, and receiving them.

29. I hate long fingernails.

30. I hate dirty long fingernails even more.

31. I have lain on the floor to listen to the person below playing ‘Under The Bridge’.

32. I cannot talk about gross stuff and eat at the same time.

33. I am very good at running away. This is something I’m trying to learn not to do.

34. I love heels and skirts – this is a fairly new development!

35. I have lived in over 20 different houses or flats…so far.

36. I used to have a bad relationship with food. I have comfort eaten for twelve or thirteen years, I’ve been bulimic and I’ve gone through periods of starving myself or crash dieting. I stopped this about eighteen months ago, and I feel so much better. I hope this trend sticks :-).

37. I love reading, and have done for the past 22 and a half years. I’ve always been a voracious reader, a habit which once resulted in me being picked up by the hair by an evil teacher.

38. I’m a ridiculously stereotypical Monkey.

39. I hate public speaking, but most people think I’m really good at it.

40. I fractured my wrist the first time I ever tried rollerskating.

41. I fell in unrequited love with a man I know over three years ago. He is clever and funny and handsome and wonderful, and I’d love to be the one for him, but something tells me I never will be.

42. Despite this, every so often I fall back into it!

43. Sometimes I feel so blue I could sleep for days rather than do anything.

44. I am far too hard on myself (so they say).

45. I don’t think I’m hard enough on myself.

46. One of my ideal jobs would be graveyard shift DJ – just playing music and autowittering…how much fun would that be?

47. I am good at keeping secrets (proper ones).

48. I am also a marvellous gossip.

49. I have never been to a proper music festival.

50. I have weird feet. My right one is super wide from a fall when I was twelve, when I fell 15/20 feet and fractured it in 4 places.

51. I am terrible at jokes – I can never remember them.

52. I think Monica Bellucci, Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie are the most gorgeous women on the planet.

53. I once wrote fanmail to Isaac Hanson.

54. I fall in love too easily.

55. But I don’t think I’ve ever been in love properly.

56. I’ve never seen Return of the King.

57. I love to dance.

58. To quote those cheesey teeshirts: “I love snogging.”

59. I’ve only ever hated two people in my whole life.

60. I’ve forgiven them both now.

61. I wasted far too much time in my teens berating myself for being too fat or too ugly.

62. I still do this sometimes!

63. I’m more controversial than most people would assume.

64. Male genitals make me laugh.

65. I’m scared of needles, but I kind of want a tatoo! I would like a rose on the back of my right hip.

66. I love playing drinking games.

67. I like eating random combinations of food.

68. Napping is the best, as is bedding down with a good book.

69. I adore my friends – I’m always amazed they choose to spend time and energy on me, because they are simply brilliant!

70. When it comes to drinking, I am a lightweight.

71. I like hot baths. Reeeeaaaallly hot.

72. Sometimes I wish my brain could tell my heart what to feel.

73. I like most alcoholic drinks…but cannot stand alcopops.

74. I can spend eight hours online with no problem whatsoever, stopping only for comfort breaks or snacks. This used to worry me.

75. I have a mind like a sponge when it comes to trivia.

76. I cannot burp.

77. I am not very good at IMing.

78. At both FameCons I have attended I have drunk far too much.

79. In my high school yearbook I was voted Weirdest Girl, Most Likely To Win Eurovision, Most Likely to be a Politician, Most Likely to have a Number 1 and Least Likely To Calm Down. I came second in the Brainiest, Most Likely To Win An Oscar and Most Likely to Become Insanely Rich categories. Weird combination, right?

80. I just found my high school year book to find that out for you!

81. I think I am a hopeless romantic at heart.

82. My favourite beach is Primrose Bay, Scotland; but I really like Findhorn too.

83. I used to dream about winning the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, and attending the ceremony with my date, Leonardo DiCaprio (who I don’t fancy in real life…). I had this recurring dream for two years off and on.

84. I would do anything for a good crème brulee.

85. I once got the worst carpet burn of my life doing yoga.

86. I once pulled a guy so another guy could leave the country not thinking I cared about him. Smart, huh?

87. I’ve always said I would like between 3 and 9 children. I’m deadly serious.

88. I follow my horoscopes (both Western and Chinese), and have been known to check out a tarot reading from time to time.

89. I could eat cheese nonstop. It’s one of my favourite things.

90. My teddy bear is one day older than me. He is called Jockey.

91. Kindness is the most beautiful thing in my world.

92. When I was a toddler, I was once so hungry I grabbed a raw cauliflower in the greengrocers and started eating it. Old people in my hometown still remember this.

93. I’d give it all up for a husband and home. Yes, I know that’s incredibly uncool to admit.

94. I know next to nothing about art. I love that some people do.

95. I wrote my Senior Dissertation on Moulin Rouge specifically, and the genre of musical film in general.
6. I love having conversations that incorporate as many lyrics or film titles as possible.

97. I am vaguely OCD – I have little chants for the bath, shower, loo, and a bit of a number fixation. This used to be much worse, with mantras and a equal touch thing running concurrently.

98. I have moshed with Joe Mangel (Mark Little)!

99. Singing is my favourite thing in the world. I could sing forever.

100. I love pub quizzes. And kareoke.

Did you learn something? Hope so!

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Every time I come home I try to resist the laziness that permeates this household. And every time I lose the battle.

Which may explain why it's almost 1 o'clock in the freaking afternoon and I am sat here in PJs and an old sweater, surfing the net, snacking on plain chocolate and working on my third cup of coffee...

My schedule so far:

08.48: Wake up. Sit up far too quickly in the bunk bed of doom (my sister and I measured it at Christmas, there is a 54cm gap between my mattress and the bottom of her bunk) and whumph head beautifully. Luckily I caught it beyond the hairline, so no sexy forehead scar for me.... Lie back down.
08.49-08.57: Have internal discussion on various merits of getting up versus going back to sleep. The former argument wins (just) and I swing my legs over the edge, managing to not conk myself on the head.
08.58 - 09.05: Play game of "where are my flioflops?/ whither is my sweater?".
09.05 - 10.00ish: Coffee and bread products, chat with family, kidnapping (catnapping?) of the awesome Sam-cat to go upstairs.
10.00ish - 10.30ish: Read several chapters of awesomely bad chicklit (Everyone Worth Knowing) that am reading this holiday. Brain activity be damned!
10.30: Gargantuan effort to get to bathroom to brush teeth and hair - lazy is one thing, smelly is another. Back to room, open closet, look at clothes, think better of it, boot up computer.
10.37 - present: Read book, check forums, browse blogs, sort my nerve profile, rip music to laptop, shop online, talk with siblings, drink more coffee....

I can only do this sort of day once in a while, but it's good when I do!

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Crappy internet quiz - holidays rock, y'all

I'm chilling, listening to some good music, texting with the jetset gappers who are 'doing Europe' and drinking coffee - time for a crappy quiz thing from Bethan, surely? I figured if I do it here, only people who give a flying fart need to see it!

Warning: This was intended for bored American teens. It is looooooong!

What time is it: 11.42 am

About You

They call me: Claire
Age: 25
Took my first breath on: December 10th, 1980
Hair: Mid-brown. For now.
Eyes: Blue grey.
School: R.A.A.S., Forres Academy, U of Aberdeen, U of Durham.
Do you have your license: Not yet.
How many times did you fail your written test: I'll tell you once I've sat it (next month, people!)
Your drivers test: See above - I'm learning this summer
Your first car: Will probably be a VW
Your current car: A yellow moped
College you attend or want to attend: Am alumni of U of Aberdeen and Durham; would like to attend U of Edinburgh, NYU, UNC, USC or UCLA. Got to make some money first!
Career choice: Am a teacher. I like it, but would prefer to be a singer, radio broadcaster or film reviewer. Or George Clooney's wife.

Your Favorites
Favorite color: Like most of them. Hate lime green.
Favorite food: Chinese, Italian, English, Mexican.
Favorite movie: See for details!
Favorite book: Oh, so many. Like Jean, I need to make a bookshelf of ultimates!
Favorite TV show: Have I Got News For You, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, No Angels, University Challenge, My Name Is Earl, American Idol (mocking bad American singers...awesome!), One Tree Hill (guilty pleasure)
Favorite restaurant: The Red Lion, Cadora's (best hangover cure...ever), The Inn, Howies
Favorite animal: Cats, dogs, hedgehogs, dolphins, squirrels, wobblegong sharks (who could resist that name?)
Favorite season: All of them, baby!
Favorite month: December.
Favorite day of the week: Saturday, just because! Or at term time Thursday, because of beacoup de crush spotting!
Favorite candy: Lindor
Favorite thing to do on a Friday night: Any of the 4 Ds: dinner, DVDs, dancing or drinking.
Favorite store: Tesco? Asda? I don't know, am horribly disloyal. Can I choose amazon?
Favorite school subject: Drama, music, bio, photography, English, RS, at the time.
Favorite song: Oh, far too many to even begin! See for details of my musical adventures!
Favorite musical group: Abba, RHCP, Foo Fighters, Nickel Creek, etc.
Favorite Skittles color: Red
Favorite holiday: Christmas.
Favorite gas station: I'm meant to have a favourite? OK, that one in Appalachia that Manda and I found driving through West Virginia! Yay waffles!
Favorite pizza topping(s): Spicy or vegetarian. Or, spicy vegetarian!
Favorite breakfast food: Yoghurt and fruit, bran, porridge. Occasionally pain au chocolat or bacon mega rolls (trust me, you need to try one of my bacon mega rolls!)
Favorite smell: Vanilla, magnolia, babies, toast, cookies, fresh coffee, freshly mown grass, the garden after rain.
Favorite teacher: Mr Wright, Mrs Muir.
Favorite cake: I can only pick one? Is banoffee pie a cake?
Favorite kind of frosting on that cake: Betty Crocket vanilla frosting
Favorite soda: Diet coke, when I indulge. And Irn Bru once in a while (morning after!)
Favorite kind of soup: Brocolli or chicken noodle
Favorite things in an omelet: Cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers.
Favorite color shirt: At the current time, blue.
Favorite car: Jeep, Land Rover or VW Beetle.
Favorite ice cream: Phish Food or whatever I can get at Coldstone Creamery!
Favorite vacation destination: US (NC) or France. Am planning NY, Wales, Ireland, Aus, Latin America, Lebanon and NZ in the next ten years though!
Favorite radio station: MFR. Or whatever is playing stuff I like!
Favorite CD: Whatever my latest mixclub gift has been!
Favorite room of the house: Bedroom, naturally.
Favorite brand of shoes: Manolos! I jest, I have no brand loyalty on this kind of thing!

The "or"s

Hot chocolate or chocolate milk: Claire's uber-hotchoc, of course!
Dogs or cats: Cats
Friends or family: Oh heck no, I'm not choosing!
Guys or girls: For what, exactly?
Winter or summer: Summer
PB&J or turkey and cheese: Turkey and cheese sounds foostie. PB&J please.
Night or day: night
Silver or gold: Silver
Pen or pencil: Pen
Math or science: Maths
Pink or blue: Blue
Singing or dancing: Tough call, but singing has to win!
Boxers or briefs: Boxers.
Sunny or cloudy: Sunny.
Snowing or raining: Snowing. Although I love being sat inside, safe and dry with a cup of tea watching the deluge.
Thunderstorm or snowstorm: Snowstorm. Silent and wistful.
Paper or plastic: Paper.
DVD or VHS: DVD - hardly a fair fight, this one!
Roller-skating or roller blading: Am terrible at both!
Telephone or Instant Messenger: Not the biggest fan of
Clean room or dirty room: Clean, but messy.
Coffee or tea: Coffee and tea.
Milk or juice: Milk
Chicken or turkey: Turkey
Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Wars
Easter or Thanksgiving: Easter, because we don't do Thanksgiving. Would love to try it though!Red or Green: Red
Tape or staples: Tape
Trains or airplanes: Airplanes (or rather, aeroplanes)
Pretzel-shaped pretzels or stick pretzels: Proper pretzels
Harley or Honda: Harley, man!
Europe or Asia: Europe.
Guinea pigs or hamsters: Guinea pigs.
Fishing or hunting: I'll be back at the lodge, curled up in front of an open fire with a good book!Snowmobile or Jetski: Snowmobile - they look like such fun!
Alaska or Hawaii: Hawaii
NFL or NBA: NBA. Because American Football makes me laugh!
Hallmark or Carlton: Hallmark, because they never tire of inventing holidays!
Taco Bell Chihuahua or Geico Gecko: Taco Bell serve Chihuahua now?
Hot or cold pizza: Hot, please.
Florida or California: Cali, definitely.
Spanish or French: I speak a little French, I'd rather learn Spanish.
Carpet or wood: Wood.
Yahoo! or MSN: Msn.
Bush or Kerry: Anyone but Bush.
Cash or charge: Cash.
Country or Pop: Country and pop.
Pants or skirts: Skirts
Sledding or ice skating: Sledding!

A Big YES or a Big NO

Pineapple on pizza: Y
Gay marriage: Y
Death penalty: N. But Life should mean life!
Abortion: Y, in certain cases. It's all about the shades of grey - life is not black and white or clearcut.
God: Y, definitely.
Marriage: Y, hopefully.
Having kids: Y, I would like to.
Learning a foreign language: Y
Recycling: Y
Anchovies: Heck to the no.

When was the last time you..

Cried: You know, I'm not actually sure
Smiled: Today
Laughed: Today
Drank water: Last night
Watched a full episode of a TV show: Monday
Ate macaroni and cheese: Last year, I guess
Went to school: Uni, last academic year. Went to a school? Monday.
Got mad: Saturday. Men!
Got even: Monday...ish.
Had sex: I think Elizabeth I was on the throne....
Went to work: Monday
Went to the mall: Thursday
Ate at McDonalds: Thursday, first time in ages
Copied someone else's homework: Rather sadly, I was one of the ones who got copied from
Went out of the state: If state = county/region vaguely, Thursday
Went out of the country: Monday, if we count England and Scotland seperately, if not then Feb when I went to Paris
Went out of the continent: Last October/November
Spilled a beverage: Probablt Friday at the end of term carnage
Turned on the oven: Saturday, when I had friend over for dinner. Am at home with the fab right now, so am not cooking.

Who was the last person you...

Talked to: Sian
Made fun of: No comment. I was being a biatch because my feelings were hurt, and he kind of deserved it. Either that or some airheads Sho and I were discussing Thursday.
Instant Messaged: Mlle Wilson
Watched a movie with: Film club kids and Soph. We watched 'Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the WereRabbit.'
Went out to lunch or dinner with: Shona
Talked to on the phone: Maria

Random Stuff

Do you like zebras: Yes
Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet: R+J.
Have you ever read the whole Bible: No, keep meaning to though!
Do you ever get motion sick: Sometimes on coaches or in back seats.
Are you afraid of heights: Yes, a little.
Do you believe in love at first sight: Who knows?
Do you enjoy Indiana Jones movies: More or less.
Do you enjoy Ice hockey or Field hockey: Both.
What sports do you play: I horse ride, cycle, hillwalk, dance and teach aerobics. Next up - being a rounders coach and hopefully learning how to play tennis!
How many people live in you house, dorm room, etc.: Flat - 1, Flat and house - 3, Family house 3-5.
When did you last hear the song "Rock Around the Clock": February, I think?
Cable or Satellite: Either would be cool
Could you survive without a cell phone: Yes, I think so. Would hate to be without the net though.
Have you ever seen a rabid rhino: Only on Ace Ventura!
Have you ever eaten eel: ewwwww, no.
Does the door to your room swing into the room or out: Into.
How many times have you been to Disneyland: No, so far. Can you believe it?
Have you ever witnessed a crime and had to go to court: No, thank heavens.
Do you sing in the shower: Yes, frequently.
Have you ever jumped off the roof: No.
Your weirdest injury ever: Spraining my wrist playing at wrestling, or the arm bruises I got from ceilidh with Al at Tim's 21st.
Your biggest pet peeve: Bad manners.
Rudolph or Comet: Rudolph.
The original book or the new movie: Book, generally.
Reading or writing: Both
Have you ever eaten something that you didn't know what it was and thrown up when you found out what it was: No, gross.
When was the last time you washed your hair: Last night.
Who was the last family member you spoke to on the phone: My mum, on Sunday.
What was the last thing you bought: Wine, brie, chocolate, cotton wool, books, Easter cards,
Where did you buy it: Tesco - my hometown is sooooo cool!
Was this fun: Whatever, it kept me out of trouble.
What time is it: 12.40. I'm never getting that time back, right?

Yours lazily, off to read and drink coffee,
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