Back in the saddle again....

So, we're back to school here. How quickly the time on break flies and then we're back to the grindstone. Yesterday was a real banner day ~ 4 hours of rehearsal for our show with the littlies, then over an hour rehearsing with Year 7 (mmmm, adolescentacular!), before winding up at a two hour Youth Band rehearsal. Fun, but exhausting. Luckily I had promised myself pancakes and 'The OC' to round off the day, so it's not all bad.

Totally slept in this morning, although my inner teen is still horrified that I would consider waking at 6.40 sleeping in! Hey, they published yet another study on Monday about the benefits of sleep - I'm just being healthy :-). I wish someone would tell my boss though!

The George Clooney bonanza continues here - our lovely cleaners at school left me a note on my whiteboard telling me how much they appreciated having the eye candy (photos and calendars agogo) in my classroom over break! And Tian (oh, you guys would love Tian. He is so naughty, but you just can't dislike him, he's a wee poppet) came bounding into school Monday, all "Miss Thornley, Miss Thornley! I found something in a book for you!"....A little background, my little ones are always finding stuff in books for me - river facts, Bible stories, poems, pictures of Scotland, photographs of name it. But what had Tian found....yep, an encyclopedia entry about....George Clooney!

Heh. These kids can always make me smile, I'll give them that.

Right, I have to dash - I have to go fix some rat tails, clean my makeup palette and doublecheck a dance routine. It's all so dramatic here at the moment, dahlings....

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  1. 6:40, sleeping in. I guess you don't mean pm eh? That is just wrong yo.


  2. For five years I edited a nerd (civil engineering) magazine. One of the designers had a shrine on her cube wall to Ricky Martin. She also had a wonderful way of reminding me to supply my editorial. If an issue manuscript went around without my column, she might insert a photo of Clooney. Or maybe Brad Pitt, however she felt that day. And she'd title the editorial, "I am Brad Pitt." Something like that.

    I look nothing like those gentlemen, of course, but no worries. It was her fun. She was absolute cinnamon. I miss her.

  3. I remember in college when sleeping in was noon ... sigh.

  4. I think it's so cute that he brought you an encyclopedia entry on George Clooney! hehe.

  5. Good to see that you got a break, Claire. Now you can come and visit me.

  6. Nice to meet you, Claire!
    I noticed that the OC ended it's run last night (series finale). Maybe I'll start catching the reruns now.

  7. so. cute. i have missed so many entries, i am catching up. (sorry.)


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