I loooove halfterm.

Bubble baths. Books. Naps. Pedicures. Phone calls. More naps. Time to cook nutritious and healthy dinners. And then guzzle down cheesecake for afters. Letters. Packages. Plans (Canada, watch out….). Long walks in the midwinter sun, the wind whipping my hair and making my cheeks all rosy. Singing. Moviefests and gossip with Rachel. Shopping and banter with Ro and Brett. Taking photos of the flat, the garden, myself. Catching up with other peoples blogs. Yet more naps. Glasses of wine and evenings stretching out, devoid of marking and planning. Time to sort out stuff in my classroom that was needing to be done. Rest. Mornings dancing and evenings singing. Oprah. A change of pace.

It’s almost over, but this break has been awesome so far :-). I hope you all have time for a similar break from the norm in the not too distant.

Love, as always,
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  1. I'd be so envious if I hadn't taken the entire day off to just pamper myself! I slept in, read out two books, did a mixed CD with Sarah McLachlan, picked out my old Tarot cards... and just enjoyed myself!

    Now I'm off to the gym. Stomach's feeling better. It realized it had to adapt to me, because the other way around wasn't an option! ;)

    Take care

  2. I meant to wish you Happy VDay but I didn't get to finish writing yesterday because I was interrupted. So you get it a day late - Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. Oprah. LOL. My wife loves watching Oprah--usually, unless she has really weird guests on or something. I'd like a break, but it's the last day of the work week for me, and there's a race on in a few minutes, so 'it's all good' for me. :)

  4. I jsut had a bubble bath.
    with scented candles.



  5. Aaaah, to rest and relaxinate. Must be nice.

  6. Wonderful.

    And please tell me you're going to Montreal because in my head it's this slice of music-scene paradise.

    I can't believe I don't know Canada more. My state borders it. Why don't I go? Probably because I'm always saving my money for Sweden and Denmark....Hmmm. Please send back reports from your Canadian future.

  7. Sigh, I spend the day at home working and feeling like a schoolgirl. I kept glancing out the window ans sneaking of to read my book. And no break till June and university homework this weekend.

    But on the bright side my subjects are interesting and so are my assignments. And I wake up every morning knowing something good is bound to happen soon.

    Enjoy your break A LOT

  8. I've got a three day weekend and I am going to get the hell outta Dodge, so to speak.

  9. sounds wonderful. hope you enjoy every second. xx pinks

  10. I have a 3-day weekend - it'll have to do, I guess.


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