Ratmaninov! And a Freudian slip!

Ladies and germs, may I introduce Ratmaninov? He was a prop for our year 3 and 4 play (Rats!), made by my hugely talented and arty friend Beverley, and I thought he was so cute I adopted him.... He's going to live in my classroom with all the other waifs, strays and randoms I've accrued.

So the play went well, the kids were fab, the parents enjoyed it, and we all went for a nice curry afterwards. Mmmm, good curry. And I thought I'd share a tidbit with y'all.

In the course of the meal, as these things often go, my colleague A announced she had a quiz for us all. In this case, a quiz with a Freudian bent.

First, we had to choose our favourite bird and explain why. I chose a robin, because they are cheerful.

Secondly, we had to choose an animal....I went for a hedgehog, because they are odd and funny.

Lastly, we had to choose the one drink we'd choose to drink if we could only drink one beverage for the rest of our lives. I chose water because (and I quote) "It's refershing, and I'm always in the mood for it."

Turns out the bird is how you see yourself. The animal is how you think others perceive you. And the drink? Well, apparently that's how you feel about sex. Hahahaha. Well, it made me laugh!

Have a great weekend, lovely people. I'm really thirsty now ~ what does that mean?



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  1. I've done that exercise before at a bacherlorette party, it was pretty giggle inducing!

  2. And I was thinking of a pelican as I read the questions. I suppose that means I'm prehistoric! HA Right as rain.

  3. I would have picked water too. Ratmaninov is very cute.

    Thanks for stopping my blog.

  4. That's a great quiz! I may just have to use that at my next dinner party :)

    Have a wonderful weekend Claire!

  5. Hmmph - a hedgehog? That was interesting. I wonder what picking a platypus would mean?

  6. oh my my! well girl, hope you're drinking a litre a day then ;)

  7. Doh! I remember answering these questions once. But it all spiraled downward from the get-go when I answered cow....

  8. The rat is awesome! And I would choose water too, I wonderif I should reconsider..... :)

  9. "It's refershing, and I'm always in the mood for it."


    That is all.

  10. Haha, i probably would have picked water as well!! Fun game.

  11. Haha, i probably would have picked water as well. Fun game!

  12. I chose Bacardi rum and wiener broth for my drink. Perhaps I chose unwisely. Lovely post. Ratmaninoff needs a pal -- Ratskolnikov, of course.

  13. I would of picked water aswell, my kids love it also they call it gods wine (giggle)twas very cute when they were little.

  14. Always in the mood huh? See I knew it, girls aren't as pruddish as the stereo-types say they are.

  15. I've used a similar quiz on friends, but it was an animal, a color, and what kind of body of water you would be. One of my friends, who was a bit of a womanizer back in the day, answered the "body of water" question:

    "Puddle. It's shallow and dirty and everyone can play in it."

  16. i. want. ratmaninov.

    seriously, he's too cute. could i commission your friend (yes, i'd pay her) to make me a monkey? and a turtle???


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