Stupidity: A Definition

I am suuuuch a bimbo.

Guess who just schlepped all the way into town from home, where she was cosily entrenched with a good book, some new CDs and chocolate, across the fields and hills to school to pick up her moped....and left her bike keys in her other purse?


I swear, sometimes accesorising can be such a pain in the ass.

Good day, everyone!
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  1. Hate it when that happens! Of course, all my 'accessories' fit in my backpack, which serves as sort of a male version of a purse. :)

  2. I'm a big fan of the man purse...I mean, backpack. I carry mine everywhere. I even have lip balm in there. Lip balm! Lord.

    Last Saturday I went out and for the first time ever--EVER!!--I forgot my wallet. I could almost hear my friend say, "Oh, how convenient." Totally felt like an ass.

    Am an ass.

  3. I pray you didn't say 'like oh my god'. Unless you said those words you're definatley not a bimbo.

  4. I once locked the keys for my moped in my boot (under the seat, nothing fancy) whilst parked at a petrol station that was about to close. Had to wait for about an hour at a closed petrol station in the Wiltshire countryside for someone to come from Bristol to break into my bike's boot for me.

    Now I don't take the keys out of the lock until the boot is closed.

    At least the CDs and chocolate would still be there when you got home.

  5. This is one of the many reasons that I don't use a purse ... the main one being that I'm a man and that would look kind of silly.

  6. POCKETS. this is why i love POCKETS. but if i owned a super-cute moped like you, i'd probably be in the same predicament.

  7. A-men to that! Men no not of such pain!

    By the way, I cannot count the number of times that my keys and I have been separated at the most inopportune moments!

  8. I have only my testicles, spectacles (shades), wallet, and watch...oh, and my cell phone.

  9. Oi, that sucks.

    I did the same this morning. Stayed late to print notes for my workshop. Rushed to work late. Parked about 10 minutes walk from work only to realise I left my notes in the car.

  10. OH! I feel your pain! That has happened to me before, only it was my work keys so I couldn't get into the office.


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