And I’ve been so long this way I can’t make out just where I end or begin…

It’s proving to be a busy old week here. I’m scribing this at a breakneck speed before diving once more into the pile of marking / assessing / reporting / housepoint counting I have to deal with. I’ve had a lurgy for most of the past few days (I hate not being able to breathe), as well as being super busy with yet more rehearsals (our play goes on tomorrow and Friday…the end is nigh), so as well as all the usual gubbins I have a tonne of marking to deal with for all the lessons I’ve been away for. Le sigh.

So, how am I? Let me put my thought train to you in the form of a bongo-poem. (NB bongo-poems were a major factor of my youth – John and I would grab an item to be the bongo (a chair, a box, a member of the public), then go stream-of-consciousness on everyone, punctuating each statement with a drum beat or seven). If Yoda were a poet, he’d be all about the bongo poems.

Yes I was a geek growing up, why do you ask? ;-).

Claire’s Bongo Poem for today:



Brain swimming with words and numbers.

Reports already? Bad idea. Surely only one month since last ones? How many ways to say “needs to sit on chair properly”?

Am Rudolph apparently. Thanks Jordan!

Easter holidays soon. The north beckons. Home!!!!!

Boarding tonight, tuck shop.

Not sure if this is where I want to be.

Who will triumph in the pool stakes?

I miss him. But I can’t tell him. Shut up, self.

Need more lemsip.

Mmmm, lemsip.

Is it hometime yet?

Heheheh, I am such a loser. Hope all is well with you guys, just wanted to check in. A more coherent post at the weekend (well at least I hope so) – all good vibes for the shows and for a bounce back from this flu greatly appreciated.

Back to the books!

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  1. Lemsip = aspirin and lemony goodness, which helps keep my temp down, my head clear and my nose somewhat under control....

    Fingers crossed!


  2. Ug. I hate lurgies. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Oh wait, try this, take a deeep breeeeath and leeeeet the woooooorld sloooooooow dooooooooown.

  4. Perhaps we're all feeling poem-like. I just started on some strange sort of bloggy sonnet in Shakespearean form (though don't ask me to stick to meter, please). And over at the Lollie's Follies blog she posted something poemy and I replied in kind.

    Words, words, words!

  5. Wednesday ...

    Too far away, the weekend is.

    I keep scratching,


    And grabbing.

    I will catch Friday yet.

  6. UGhH Lurgey's they suck.
    Healthy Prayers to you honey for sure..............................................................................Are they there yet?????

    Shaz xxx

  7. Heh. I had to look up 'lemsip' myself. We don't have that on this side of the pond. :)


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