And with that….

…the Lent term careers to a close. Yep, we are done here and the kids have been dutifully dispatched to their parents / nannies / grandparents / siblings / grooms etc. etc. etc.. And now three glorious weeks of Easter break stretch before us like so much bliss, whispering promises of lie-ins and catching up with friends and adventures and fun. Hurrah!

The last week of term has been frenetic, as always, but this term it barely registered – after the efforts of last week to get the show done, dusted and onstage, the rigmarole of the end of term palaver felt like a break! But the reports are written, the results have been calculated, and now I don’t see my wee gang till mid April. Yeah, I am going miss them. They spoilt me once again – I have five or six eggs or little baskets of eggs and three very pretty bunches of blooms. It really isn’t necessary, but it’s always nice to feel appreciated!

Thank you so much for all the support with the list, gorgeous friends! Since the last post there have been emails and comments and texts, and I am so happy that some of the things may be being ‘crossed off’ in the coming year, let alone five. Other ones are going to take more work, but that’s what makes it a challenge! I’ve linked to it, and I have a copy up in my room, and I’m looking forward to letting you guys know how it goes :-).

But now, I have an afternoon off….mmmmm….a bubble bath, some chocolate eggs, a cheesey magazine, a face mask and a nap beckon, so please excuse me. More soon!

Love you guys,

PS Today I got a myspace friend request from one of my tutees parents. That’s a first.
PPS One of the Year 8 boys thinks I look like Rachel McAdams. He’s so wrong, but all the same, YES! Go me!
PPPS Would you judge me if I ate some more chocolate eggs for breakfast tomorrow? I can’t face the supermarket….
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  1. Last time I checked, eggs were part of a balanced breakfast. Nobody specified what kind of eggs. Hint hint.

  2. "One of the Year 8 boys thinks I look like Rachel McAdams."

    Yeah go you.

  3. I would only judge someone that eats chocolate eggs for breakfast as my kind of person.

  4. no judgements baby, only love Mlle Wilson

  5. wow, we never got three weeks of time off shchool at Easter!

  6. 1) Rachel McAdams is GORGEOUS, so take it as a compliment. Plus, he's right - I can see a little of her in you!

    2) What's your myspace page? I wanna friend-add you too! :)

    3) Why don't I get a three week Easter break? I'm freaking catholic!

  7. I wouldn't judge you for eating an egg for breakfast. I sure would besides you deserve it. I hope you have a fab break.

    Take care xx

  8. Wow, 3 weeks off??? That is great. I could use a few days off, considering somebody ran into my car as I was trying to get out of a parking lot ... ah, good times.

  9. Chocolate eggs...yum! Cadbury? If so, have you tried the new orange Cadbury eggs? They're wonderful, if you like orange-flavored chocolate (which I do).


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