Barely grazing the ground....

It has certainly been one of those weeks.

Non-stop, wall-to-wall, equally tough and random, work, work, work, play, work.

I am simply exhaustimipated, but finally, I've reached a lull. Which is why I am hiding in my lovely cool classroom, scribing a quick post, supping a Diet Coke and listening to Kate Bush. Mmmmm, angsty.

Since Monday.... I've done at least 12 hours of rehearsing with the beloved Year 7s this week. I've booked trans-Atlantic flights. I have taught over twenty hours and left cover / done the marking for another fifteen. I've done a four hour parents' evening. I've had two two-hour band calls. I spent a whole day at a really cool Islamic centre (fascinating, really, fascinating. I learnt so much). I spent two hours in a debrief meeting on some random psycho-socio-whatsimajiggle testing we've all done (apparently I'm creative, inquisitive and friendly! Wait, I think I already knew that ;-)). I have barely seen my flat.

But now it's the weekend, and after the jumpy jumpy fun-ness of last weekend it's a lowkey one here....a night of pizza and 'American Idol' beckons (mmmmmm, 'American Idol'); tomorrow's work, friends and driving (and an early night, woo!); Sunday's church and friends. Love it! And tonight I'll get to sleep for more than four or five hours....

I literally cannot wait!

Hee, I am so easily pleased.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend planned!

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  1. i love your posts. i got your card today in the mail, and my god, it DID make me smile. thank you, claire, every day with you in it is a lovely one.

  2. Yes, pizza and American Idol. You can't go wrong. I'm such an American Idol freak--gosh I don't know why I'm letting this little secret out.

  3. It's really the little things in life that make us happy, isn't it? I wish you a fabulous, restful weekend!

  4. Weekend plans... Thanks for the idea... Jonesing for pizza now...

  5. wheee! its the weekend! after that week you just had, I hope you're getting some r&r :)


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