So, I've written about my friend B before. She is such a kickass friend and I am always inspired by the amazing way she is tackling the miry mists of teenage girl/womanhood....seeing how I can struggle with being a twentysomething, her battle with teenage life is often an apt parralel.

This girl kicks ass, you guys - we are nine years apart in age, but have almost identical (dark, dry, far too sarcastic) senses of humour, a penchant for music (and muso boys), a passion for singing and photography, and way too much self doubt and self hatred...but we're working on that, right, B?

So here are some pics from a Sunday at her house a few weeks back....nacho goodness and chat and a healthy dash of geekery truly makes me smile.

Love ya B!
Expect a few odes to my friends in the months to come, I feel...this is my place to write, and I'm feeling compelled to write about blessings just now. All of my friends are truly blessings in my life ~ the things they have helped me through, the way they believe in me, the way they make me smile, the time and support they've given me through some dark dark days, the laughter and joy they have given to me and shared with me, the way they are so invested in my life....without the people I love I'm sure I wouldn't be able to be here. Full stop.
Love you guys,
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  1. Friends are always such a blessing.

  2. Eh, 9 years isn't that bad ... My brother and I are great friends and we're 9 years apart.

  3. Friends are great. I'd probably have flown the proverbial coop long ago if it weren't for them.

  4. [a comment from brettttttt]

    ooo we're so hardcore!
    i love you so much claire!!
    [ew at the top pic..we need to retake that]

    you're my favorite
    :: huggles ::
    and i love you



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