A positive pity party?

Oh man.

I had my laptop at home last night and I wrote such a post. Such a whiny, bratty, self-indulgent post....the kind that makes me really glad that I don't have the internet at home just now, because reading it back is just plain embarassing. Note to self: Overthinking crushes, no matter the size or sensibility of said crush, and ACTUALLY COMMITING YOUR THOUGHTS TO PAPER is a bad, bad, idea.


I'm a goof, that's for sure.

Luckily I awoke in a much fairer mood, full of beans and joie de vivre...in other words, an awful lot more like me! Yesterday morning-afternoon I had a really productive meeting about my summer job / side project, and I'm now pretty excited about the July plans. I'm going to be working at a summer-camp-come-ladies-academy, and I really think it's going to be a blast. The girls are going to get to experience some amazing things (touring the House of Lords, visiting Bath and Stratford-Upon-Avon and Oxford, all sorts of other delights) and I get to tag along, all in the name of work! Hurrah! I've got lots to prepare (dorm lists and etiquette classes and aerobics routines, oh my) but I am looking forward to a challenge. And a challenge which should pay for my trip to Canada and my driving lessons, with a little luck.

The driving is.....going, but as is the norm I do find it hard. But I'm improving and working hard, and I guess that's the best I can hope for. All good vibes in that area greatly appreciated!

So here I am in school, attempting to make sense of the paper based chaos (I'd take a picture, but it would scare you!), getting a handle on the term to come and looking forward to the weekend and beyond....Peachy arrives Friday night, we head to London on Saturday, lunch with Hoti on Sunday (before he heads off to Yemen in May....how fabulous is that?), flight to the north on Monday. I love Easter break - Christmas is busy and frantic and cold, summer is often too loooong (although, with my working July this year this should be much less of a problem)...Easter is just right. And involves chocolate. And whoop de doo, in a little over a week I can drink again....I'm fine off the demon drink, but I must admit the balmy sunny weather is calling to mind a chilled glass of wine or a pint of beer and some good chat. Here's hoping.

I'd better return to papercut and swearing at filing cabinets and attempting to shoot three-pointers into the recycling bin central now.

Hope this finds you all sunny and happy and generally springlike!

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  1. I'm curious what that post was.

  2. me too. YOU saw the post *i* wrote, for chrissakes ;) it can't be worse than that.

    claire, i. want. so. bad. to drink a frosty girlie drink with you on a patio somewhere. would you please hurry up and get here already?

    i'm feeling much better. an email is coming, forthwith.

  3. I'm certainly enjoying the Spring weather today.

  4. Glad you are in a cheerier mood. :)

  5. Glad that you are feeling more like yourself. Your summer plans sound like so much fun!!

  6. isn't it amazing what a night's sleep can do for a person? Have a good term!

  7. oh Claire! you are not a goof. You're normal! haha. I feel like that first paragraph could easily have come from me! :)

  8. Mmmm I am the queen of writing and blurting sad sack shit.
    I challenge Bee for the title. Just kidding, release baby release its good for you. You keep me smiling wish you were coming to Australia.xx


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