So, I'm flat out here (again). So this is me popping in to say:

a) Have a fabulous weekend you lovely people! It's sunny and balmy here, so even marking and reporting seems more fun. Especially when you pair it with Pimm's!

b) If you're bored and like angsty girl poems, please do check out my 'other' blog: - they're a little rough and raw, but it feels good to be trying again.

c) I've started replying to comments, in my comments, once if you want to know where I'll be in Canada this autumn, or my thoughts on cheese on toast, or about my sad fangirly love of Brian scroll back.

d) To close, some classic wisdom from 'Ol Blue Eyes: "I'm not one of those complicated, mixed-up cats. I'm not looking for the secret to life... I just go on from day to day, taking what comes. "

With love and blessings to you all,
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  1. I am having a great weekend in the wonderful weather. Okay, the weather is on-and-off rainy, but still good during the off parts.

    If you're coming to Toronto, give out a shout.

  2. Claire - you've reminded me of the second great English invention. The first was hot custard. The second was Pimms. I'm off to Battersea park today. Recuperating on my own and loving the sunshine. Yesterday in Hyde Park was just what the doctor ordered. I think I'll take this post as a prescription for Pimms in the park today.

  3. It was a beautiful weekend in Philly as well ... wish it didn't have to end!

  4. Cool... so you're going to be in Canada in autumn.

    I'm in Toronto btw. So, if you need any Toronto-related advice etc let me know.

    And, we'll have to get together for sure.


  5. I read I like. Great idea honey.

  6. yay., me, fun. can't wait.


  7. I was in a wedding this weekend, on Saturday when it was freezing and rained all day brrrrr.

    Sunday was gorgeous though, just beautiful. Played some volleyball, saw some friends, loved it.

    I'll check out the other blog as well.

  8. Oh and i'm near TO, we can work something out when the time is closer :)


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