The devil makes work for idle hands...

....oh, for a chance to be idle.

So, term is now in full swing, with the prerequisite piles of marking, demands for exam papers to proofread before making our poor wee ones sit the darn things, reports to start planning, planning documents which (of course....:-)) all the heads of departments want overhauled, rounders matches to sort, end of term shindigs to start pulling together, and children, children everywhere! The change of pace from the Easter break is pronounced!

But busy-ness is OK. I just wish I didn't keep daydreaming....

I've always been a daydreamer. I used to get into quite a lot of trouble at school for it...the teacher would be explaining square roots, or the Tudor line, or something else equally elucidating, and I'd be looking out of the window, away somewhere else. And lately I've started to do this, more than I have in years. I'm marking quite happily, or doing chores, or sat in yet another staff meeting, or listening to a reader (a very nice part of being a teacher, but far too conducive to daydreaming!)...and then I just kind of drift away, thinking nice thoughts, painting pictures with memories.

When I say I have the mental age and attitude of a seven-year-old, I ain't playing!

Sweey (day)dreams, all,


PS Added to this, I'm feeling a little homesick...I think it's just the whole 'staring down the barrel of four months without respite from Middle England', but when you start to even think of the spinners of the High Street with fondness it's a bad sign!
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  1. If it's any consolation the weather in Scotland has been a bit rubbish lately. You aren't missing that much unless you have an affinity with the warm pervasive rain, warm enough to encourage insects.

  2. If people didn't want us to daydream then they should stop being so dull.

  3. Dreams, dreams, dreams....I adore them. So long as you can still function in life, they are a grand thing.

  4. What's a spinner? I seem to be asking stupid questions all over the internet these days so I suppose one more won't hurt....


  5. We moved away from where I call "home". I still get homesick. I miss the mountains! Hang in there!

  6. i daydream all the time and when procrastinate my work by blog surfing, lol


  7. I'm with Wiwille on this one :)


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