Return of the (Erstwhile) Native....And Adventures In The City

And I'm back.

A very whizzy weekend of good things, a Sunday of packing mania, a Monday of Luton loveliness, and now I'm back in the bosom of the fam, bossing around my siblings, eating far too much yumminess and drinking nigh on gallons of tea. It's nice to be back :-).

The weekend with Peachy was lovely - I showed her my pad, my village, the neighbour's parkland....

And my second home...

Then we travelled into London...

We were based at a kickass hostel in Bayswater (cheap, clean, easy to get to and from - I recommend!)....

We managed to NOT get into Westminster Abbey again - something of a theme with us, I regret to say!

Had a funfilled trip on the London Eye (I had a minor vertigo moment, haha, but more or less enjoyed the whole time!)....

Wandered around London in the balmy twilight....

Ate fish and chips....(YUM)....

Then said goodbye (Take care Peachy, and come see me again soon, please!)...

And on Sunday I got to go to the park with Hoti. Ice cream and ducklings and chat and anecdotes and banter....Yay! (And good luck in Yemen, old thing!)....

And now I'm back and ready for a good old time in Scotland. Well, I hope it's a good time! More to follow, I'm sure.

Love, as always,


PS It is the funniest (and potentially the geekiest) thing - whenever all three of us are home on a weeknight, we form what we call the laptop club - S and P and I take over the dining room, and drink tea, chat, relax, check forums, blog, record stupid ass ringtones, call people, find music, read, watch TV,'s really sweet, and it's what we're doing right now. Glamorous it may never be, but it sure feels good to be home!
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  1. Some really nice pics of London! I'd like to go there someday.

  2. cheap easy hotel in london?! do spill the beans ... going to be there next month and need such a place.

    glad you had an awesome weekend. :)

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. The London Eye looks pretty cool, I knew it was big and all but it looks huge.

  4. That looks like so much fun!!

    If I ever get to visit London, I'm going to talk to you first. :-)

  5. Ha ha! Can I say the shots of the visiting times for Westminster Abbey has been very useful for me?... I'm planning a trip soon and surely wouldn't have managed to get there until 4, when it was shut!!!! Funny, the random yet useful pieces of information that one manages to pick up in the blogosphere :-)

  6. Good good times! I'm glad you had a lovely jaunt--but natch to the Abbey! Maybe they've planted a spy near your flat, and when you sally out and say to someone, "Maybe we can visit Westminster Abbey while in London?" and the spy radios in and they close it.

    Life needs some mysteries, you see.

  7. How does one get into the exclusive laptop club?

  8. looks like you had so much fun ~ such great photos :)

    thank you so much for your thoughts and comment, is very much appreciated ... hugs!


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