Say hello, wave goodbye….

And lo, my Easter break is coming to an end (in other news, three weeks? Awesome amount of time for a holiday). As I type this I am lying in bed (listening to ‘Holiday’ by Madonna, as it happens), reflecting on a fun, fun holiday of good friends, fun times, scarpering hither and thither, discovering new music, watching old films, sleeping too much, being a myspace geek…it has really been fun.

And now, the end is nigh. I fly back today at lunchtime, then it’s Spring Harvest with the youth (oh my….), then preparation and inset, and then the kiddiewinkles get back and it’s the summer term.

Good things about the summer term:
The last three weeks of term.
Compiling the kids records of achievement ~ I love looking back on a year well spent.
Expeditions (Scafell Pike or Brecon Beacons…hmmmm).
Hopefully finding out what I’m going to be responsible for next year.

Not so good things about the summer term:
Exams (the kids are only seven and eight, after all)
Reports. X 2.

Seems fair.

Right, I’d better go shower and pack. I stayed out till half one this morning playing Wii bowling and the stick-a-name-on-your-head game…and now I’m going to have to book it to get everything sorted.

Farewell Scotland, a bientot; Hello Englandshire…what on earth will you have in store for me now?

More soon, no doubt!


PS This is hilarious:
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  1. Holidays are fun! I am happy you enjoyed yours so much..

  2. okay .. that video was seriously hilarious !! thanks for brightening up my afternoon :)

    glad you had so much fun :)

  3. You get a three week Spring Break? I hate you - I only got a week and I had to work it!

  4. It's funny how vacation goes by so quickly. I have always hated that!

  5. Have fun this term! Can't wait to hear about the expeditions.


  6. I've consulted a Magic 8 Ball and you will be charged next year with transforming your class into the country's greatest under-10 rounders squad!!

    You'll be the Sir Alex Ferguson of the summer rounders leagues.

    A world tour follows as various nations try to knock off your well-disciplined, gut-savvy team of former roustabouts.

    A best-selling book of crayon drawings will marvelously capture this team's triumphant journey.



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