Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Now THAT was what I needed. Last night I finished work at a sensible hour, met the gorgeous Sal for a quick drink, grabbed some takeout, poured myself a glass of wine and snuggled up to watch one of my favourite movies....'ESotSM'.

Have you seen it?

It's amazing - great script, awesome directing, editing and cinematography that makes my inner film geek *weep* with joy, amazing acting, kickass soundtrack (I <3 Jon Brion for real!), and a great message.

A few hours very well spent. The funk-fog is lifting.



PS How can I post in the middle of the day? Well Wednesday is the kooky day when I work 7.30 - 19.30....but wind up with a half hour off (no kids or a'thing!!!) around midday!PPS As another bonus, 'ESotSM' always reminds me of this song too....because when Cass made me my Kate Winslet filmography inspired mix, this featured. Gorgeous:

Aqualung - Brighter Than Sunshine

This song makes me smile.
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  1. That tune is super cute. Well done, Aqualung.

  2. Never saw the film before ... I'm partial to a good spoof movie, like the stuff the Zucker brothers did back in the day, like Airplane, Top Secret, and Naked Gun. A good, relatively recent spoof movie was "Not Another Teen Movie." We counted 25 teen movies this flick spoofed - fantastic!

  3. I like that movie. I need to see it again sometime. I only saw it once, way back when it was in theatres.

  4. Its kool seeing you this early. I loved this clip it made me smile aswell.

  5. I've never seen that movie. It seems I need to add it to my list!

  6. Cool movie and I am digging the song.. haha.


  7. Funny, that film always reminds me of the ELO song Mr Blue Sky, I'm almost 100% certain it was played in the trailer. But either way, it's a great film.

  8. i totally LOVE that movie ~ the first time i saw it in the theatre, i walked out and the world was just a little bit brighter : )

    little miss sunshine also made me feel that way ~ maybe its a sunshine thing, lol

    have a wonderous weekend!! xox


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