Somewhere, under all this paper.... a woman.


Exam fever has reached its peak here - and there's no fun quite like getting seven-and-eight year olds to concentrate on study and being quiet for eight days on the trot. Hey, I struggle to do that!

I think my role is even harder cos I work with those who struggle with literacy and reading...and guess how we assess most of our work? With reams of redaing and writing, hurrah! Many cups of coffee each day and a glass of wine each night might just get me through!

Today the kids had English and then my R.S. paper - most amusing answers thus far?

Q: What two foods did God provide in the desert for the Israelites?
A: Biscuits and crisps?

And, even more awesomely,

Q: How did Moses' mother keep him safe?
A: She put him in tarmac.


Nevermind, I'm just stoked that so far (only one script still due in) not one of my monkeys has failed. I SAID they were good at this subject (biscuits, crisps and tarmac notwithstanding!)!

As for me, I'm getting there. Half term looms...praise the heavens :-).

Love and choc chip cookies to all,
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  1. Best biblical question ever answered by a child:

    Linkletter: What's your favorite story in the bible?
    Kid: The Wizard of Oz.
    Linkletter: What part of the bible is that in?
    Kid: The end.

  2. LOL
    Thank you for the laugh.

    Kids, they say the darnest things don't they, but it's when they surprise you in the right way that makes you proud to be a parent or a teacher.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Oh too funny!! You must have a good laugh at some of the things kids say.

  4. Hey Claire,

    Good luck getting through it! I agree with the coffee and wine therapy idea :)

  5. I just got home from my last final! Of course, I'm not eight, but I could've used that enforce study period!!! :)

  6. love and choc chips to you too : )

    i have been buried under my own paperwork this week ~ can't wait for the weekend :)

    so glad you are feeling better ... hugs .. xoxo

  7. 10 years of Christian education and I don't remember anything about God giving the Israelites biscuits and crisps. I guess the Church is a lot different across the pond.

  8. Maybe that's just what the student would have wanted God to feed the Israelites with. Sounds yummy to me.

    I don't know who that ANON1 person is...

  9. Those are hilarious!

    Glad that your kiddies are doing well.

  10. I love kids answers as I was once a teacher!

  11. Thanks, Claire. I needed that a lot. You're very lucky to be involved with those kids. XOXOXO.

  12. How damn cute are they that is so classic Honey. xx


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