Keeping busy...

It's been a productive day here - with the flat cleaned pretty darn comprehensively and another 43 reports out the way (woo!). And now I'm going to go do some ironing...
One of those days, to be sure!

Check the ensemble out, if you please:

I swear, Bree Van De Kamp has nothing on my housewifery skills and style ;-).

Haha. What have you guys got planned for the weekend?

Love, as always,

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  1. Good look. Its simple in its domesticity, (is that even a word?). Coulda used some books balancing atop your noggin though.

  2. whew. Me too! I'm cleaning. Well, not so much cleaning as bunching and hiding.

    Next comes cleaning. Right now its tidying.

    This weekend - woo hoo! I have a big pink hat and I'm off to a real English wedding in the countryside!

    have a great weekend - I see sunshine, hallelujah!

  3. This weekend = trip to visit the parents.

    During which time I prolly won't be actually visiting them much 'cuz I gotta write 2 exams and do a bunch of other work and have drinks with friends.

  4. you are so super adorable : )

    i am doing much the same with some added garden work and a trip to the stadium to enjoy The Police concert tomorrow evening, wheeee!!

  5. Desperate housewives does nothing to dispell the rumor that we clean our homes in high heels does it?

    I'm gearing up four our trip this weekend. Packing and cleaning. For some reason it's imperative that I come home to a CLEAN house.


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