Scott's meme....

...the other day, was kind of awesome, so here's my take on it:

God doesn't care about your petty hatred for your fellow man. He's more interested in seeing what goodness and love you can put out there. God cares very little about who I've snogged - he's more into the big picture, I think!

I adore so many people, I could bore you for days. I think it's amazing how we're all here, now, doing what we do, so full of potential, faced with eleven million choices a day, each one taking us in a different direction. I also love the sound of rain on the roof waking me up at 5.30 a.m., and just lying there cozy and warm, smelling the earth in the garden (that lovely rain smell) and waiting for the day to begin...

They always say far too much, I think. Who on earth are 'they'?

Yeah, it's true I screw up. Regularly. With gusto.

At one point I truly thought it was all over. I'm so glad I was wrong!

Why should I care about the planet? Is a comment that confuses me. Excuse me, where else where you intending to live?

Real men are brave enough to be themselves.

I always return to being down on myself and low self-esteemy come a grey day...

The music I love is a really eclectic mix, but it always makes me happy!

I've never really had a place to call home. Sure, I love Forres, but I'm not as attached to it as I'd love to be... dang service child upbringing!

Someone told me this is it. They may or may not be right!

I can sit and pretend many things... several of them completely off the wall.

The funny thing is most days, I'm kind of enjoying the journey!

Love and good things to you all,
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  1. I LOVE your post. So much to be positive about. LOVE it!

  2. very, very cute. i might take this one...but there's another that is tres interesting to me too (go check out deb's blog - red shoes - from my link to find out what i mean...)

  3. I agree that this was a great meme and I enjoyed reading your answers. :)

  4. Cool meme!

    I'm so with you on Yeah, it's true...! :)

  5. Ah darlin' I love this. It ain't the destination, girlfriend. Its the journey! And you strike me as quite the adventurous traveller!

  6. I love your responses, they are very clever and well written.

  7. Great answers, I also adore lying all cozy in bed, especially on rainy/blizzardy days.


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