All good vibes appreciated :-).

Haha, I'm about to drive down to Aberdeen in my tiny wee car with redonkulous bouncy suspension. Expect comedy tales on my return!

Caroline and Jeremy got here safely (finally!) and spent a funfilled evening at the legendary Carisbrooke pub quiz (and failed to be "affinded" by Stepcoe, much to his horror) - they are now on the train to Ab'deen and I'm following on. Tonight we are staying at Hillhead Halls - blast from the past, much? - the going drinking on Belmont St and possibly attending "Rock Kareoke". Oh my.

Tomorrow I dispatch them on the glorious megabus to Glasgow (they then do -> Dublin, -> Chicago, -> Bloomington), and I return to Forres.

I love summer. And my wee car. And friends. And Forres banter.

The sun is shining now :-).

Love, as always,
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  1. You said redonkulous!! That is one of my fave words. An oldy but a goodie. Have fun and I look forward to tales upon return :)


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