Scott's meme....

...the other day, was kind of awesome, so here's my take on it:

God doesn't care about your petty hatred for your fellow man. He's more interested in seeing what goodness and love you can put out there. God cares very little about who I've snogged - he's more into the big picture, I think!

I adore so many people, I could bore you for days. I think it's amazing how we're all here, now, doing what we do, so full of potential, faced with eleven million choices a day, each one taking us in a different direction. I also love the sound of rain on the roof waking me up at 5.30 a.m., and just lying there cozy and warm, smelling the earth in the garden (that lovely rain smell) and waiting for the day to begin...

They always say far too much, I think. Who on earth are 'they'?

Yeah, it's true I screw up. Regularly. With gusto.

At one point I truly thought it was all over. I'm so glad I was wrong!

Why should I care about the planet? Is a comment that confuses me. Excuse me, where else where you intending to live?

Real men are brave enough to be themselves.

I always return to being down on myself and low self-esteemy come a grey day...

The music I love is a really eclectic mix, but it always makes me happy!

I've never really had a place to call home. Sure, I love Forres, but I'm not as attached to it as I'd love to be... dang service child upbringing!

Someone told me this is it. They may or may not be right!

I can sit and pretend many things... several of them completely off the wall.

The funny thing is most days, I'm kind of enjoying the journey!

Love and good things to you all,
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Hello! I’m still here…

So, I’ve been feeling more than a little guilty – life here is hectic as can be, and so I find myself with very little time to post, and still less time to comment on the blogs of others (but I’m reading, never fear)…When I do find myself with a spare few minutes I’m tending to be on facebook or myspace (hello there to all of those who read this and chat to me on there…), because what with MTP, reports and parent-teacher conferences out the yin-yang, I’ve been somewhat loathe to sit down and write something of substance for here.

Yet here I am.

It’s a little after ten, and I am scrubbed and tubbed and tucked in bed, smelling vaguely of cocoa butter and spices, trying not to smudge my nail varnish as I type. I’m propped up in bed, fighting against the sleep fairies as my eyelids grow heavier and heavier with each passing minute. I’ve got one eye on Sense and Sensibility – truly a great film (my life is so Austen at the current moment, so I’m going with the vibe). I had promised myself this evening of pampering and filmic bliss (oooh, and cheese and onion flavoured baked snacks and cabernet sauvignon – we know how to live round here!) after another big effort on the dreaded reports, so I am now feeling very relaxed and happy to be approaching the end of the endeavour. Today I wrote my tutor reports, which are at exactly the same time the easiest and the hardest to write.

Our tutees are a pretty big deal at my school. They are our gang, our responsibility, the little folk whose every move we watch and help with. My fourteen this year are lovely, but it’s very hard to do credit to a year in the life of a wee person in 250 words or so. But we try.

Today was my bizarre Monday off. Why did I have a Monday off in the middle of June? Well, my school, in its prep. school awesomeness, does Sports Day in a big way (6 hours long, anyone?). So that was Saturday all day lost to school banter…so in return we get Monday off. Tada! Sports Day was good fun – I was one of the track recorders which was stressful as can be, but also hilarious. Lots of good chat, a lovely lunch and some wine in the marquee, good chat with the yummie mummies and power fathers…And Fi bought me some Irn Bru, so life was good in general.

The rest of the weekend has passed in work and chores and lunches and letters and all those things. School is still on for another three weeks, in which time we have two paperwork deadlines, a ‘move up day’, a school play, a performance in front of everyone by the staff band (singing in front of the kids, eek!), a ball, a concert, and oh-so-many evening events…oh, and all those pesky, day-to-day, normal things….

More soon, I promise!

Love and a great big hug,
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Sunkissed, in pain, exhausted and all that good stuff….

Just back from an awesome time in Wales, a weekend of hillwalking, rock climbing, high quality banter, playfighting, teamwork, camping, ticklefights, scandal, good chat, yet more banter…. Really good fun, but now I have the bruises, blisters and bumps to prove I’ve been busy! And I’ve have an average of a little under three hours sleep each night, so I am looking hot and feeling fabulous, as you might imagine!

Somewhat hilariously, my moped broke down Thursday evening….so guess who’s now about to head off and walk the two miles home?


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If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs...

Not to go all Kipling on you, but even for this school it is crazy at the moment. It's 7.20, I've just finished work and am quickly posting this and grabbing a coffee before doing another hour. Then I get to go home and pack for the expedition, which leaves tomorrow. At 8 a.m..

To quote my mother on the phone last night: "You'd only be bored if there was less to do."

Bored/sane, potato/patata.

I just want to put my fingers to the keys and apologise for not blogging as regularly as I have been doing for the last couple of months, and for breaking out quite so many memes etc….I guess in place of actually turning my brain on, I was plugging the gap a little with the surveys.

Life’s a little manic here right now, what with school, babysitting, friends, driving, meetings, reports, prep. for the summer, social craziness, home stuff, tutoring, embracing the healthkick once more…I feel like I’m trying to keep lots of balls aloft at the current time, and this state of affairs often means that blogging comes fairly low on the list of priorities! Rest assured that as soon as there’s a lull I will no doubt be back pondering things in a typical Claire style, and I hope you’ll be here to read when I do.

I am just shattered and really want to have time to kick back and just relax for a day or three. And I can.

In August.


Tomorrow I head to Wales for four days with fifty children…that’s got to be good for some blogworthy anecdotes, right?

With love and best wishes as always,

PS How are you guys, anyways?

PPS How great was the Season 1 finale of Ugly Betty? I was literally in tears whilst on the edge of my seat. And I am altogether, entirely, beyond-help-ability invested in the whole Henry and Betty relationship. Can’t wait for Season 2 to air here!

PPPS I’ve booked my flights for summer! And I will returning to the country that kicked the Faroe Islands butts in the qualifiers last night (woo!!??) on August 6th. Will hope to do lots of catching up with you lovely peeps then.

PPPPS Many thanks to all involved in the current postal bonanza – there is something delightful about schlepping home from work and finding a package or a postcard or a letter, just for little old me :-). If you’d like something sent your way, in a circle of life style, let me know at, particularly as over the next few weekends I have sitting in tent time and babysitting time booking up quite nicely – perfect postcard writing time!

PPPPPS I think that’s called irony – I write a post apologising for having nothing to post about….and write my longest post in an age!

Wishing you a weekend full of good things – now I have to go leave stuff for Monday's classes, pack my bags, attempt to have dinner at some point, and get a clue.

Hey, it’s never dull!

Have a great weekend!
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Like being hit by a metaphorical ten tonne truck...

....and the first day back is done. At last.

I tend to forget how incessant and nonstop teaching little people is - I am simultaneously thirsty, exhausted and starving right now! But it's nice to have them back...the two meetings thrown in for good measure I could have done without. Plus oodles of people wanted to chat about exam results. Cue me reciting my mantra ("They are seven and eight year olds, people; they are seven and eight year olds, people.").

Had the nicest tutor time with my little gang last thing though - by 4.30 they are pretty much beat, so it was time for a story, some light RS, and Haribo sweeties (we had a birthday today). Then it was off with the kids, and I've just spent two hours looking for resources for my new and spangly Smart Board (it is like, the most fun). Loads of awesome stuff...can't wait to show the kids!

Apart from that, the big focus is the impending expedition to Wales...where did I put my waterproofs?

Hope your weeks have started splendiferously!

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Now doing a small victory dance


112 of the reports written, which means I've met my own target and may, just may, make it through this month alive :-).

I've also cleaned my classroom good and proper, and am now wishing I'd had my digital camera so I could show y'all a before and after. It was a TIP!

Yay! I can go home and make mix CDs and write letters and make up packages and watch Doctor Who!

How's everyone's weekends been? Any fun planned for this week?

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Keeping busy...

It's been a productive day here - with the flat cleaned pretty darn comprehensively and another 43 reports out the way (woo!). And now I'm going to go do some ironing...
One of those days, to be sure!

Check the ensemble out, if you please:

I swear, Bree Van De Kamp has nothing on my housewifery skills and style ;-).

Haha. What have you guys got planned for the weekend?

Love, as always,

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