Perpetual motion...

So, term is back with a bang. I am really throwing myself into work, as you have to around here. And then in my free time I'm trying to keep up with the healthkick (gymming and swimming and pilates, oh my!) and the reading list. And not neglect my friends and family. Oh, and sleep.

One good side effect is that I have very little time to think (well, unless you count the random ponderings which I always get when I'm on the cross trainer). Which is lucky because this stupid crush just won't budge. And I don't think this guy even realises I am, in fact, a girl, and at least fairly entertaining on a good day, let alone anything beyond that.

Isn't it sad how a really tiny part of your life like that can magnify and get you down?


So the huge amount of busyness is opportune, I guess. And there's fun in amongst it - plans for a Join Meet, Madrid with Hannabanana just around the bend, visits on the cards to and fro lots of folk, and enough drinks and cinema plans to keep me doing OK.

Bottom line: It would be even nicer if he liked me. But he doesn't, so let's roll with what we've got, eh?

Good Lord, I'm a cliche some days.

More soon! Given the current pace of life, I think little and often may be the thing...

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  1. >"Bottom line: It would be even nicer if he liked me. But he doesn't, so let's roll with what we've got, eh?"

    Are you sure he doesn't like you? Many women mistake a man's natural obliviousness for disinterest. My wife at first thought I was not interested in her, when really I just wasn't paying attention. It wasn't until she kissed me that I even became really aware that there was any possibility there. And yet here we are, 17 years later - because she all but hit me over the head with a 2x4.

  2. There's always so much to do and so little time to do it in, huh?

    I really wish that I was able to exercise, read, knit, and blog at the same time. That would be very efficient for me.


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