Half-term, baby!

It's here, with quite striking soon-ness! I am typing this super quickly before I zoom over to Hannah's ready for an early flight to Madrid tomorrow morning. I am very, very excited - I've wanted to go to Spain for ages, and the chance to catch up with one of my girlies is awesome too.

Thanks for your patience with the previous post...I was a little tired and sad and was definitely having one of those days! Plus the whole situation with the boy had got me down and I'd a had a wee downward spiral, but on reflection I reaaaaallly think I'm better off out of there. Why get hung up on someone who doesn't care about me? He's either rude or a coward or even more of a ditz than I am... and I don't think I need that in my life, to be fair. In all three cases, that would be history repeating! And life is too short and too sweet to waste time on behaviours that make you miserable, surely?

Today it is a springlike and sunny day, and I've had a great nights sleep. And I'm going on holiday. And there are things in my life innumerable that make me smile, fill me with hope, or that I can look forward to.

It a nutshell? It's all good.

How are you all doing today?

Love, as always,
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Thank you for your comment - I do read them all but it may take me a little while (a couple of days) to respond during busy times. I love reading what you have to say!

Have a wonderful day!