So the clocks sprang forward yesterday morning (which is always slightly odd, if you're awake to catch it! I was emailing with my friend Anna back and forth, and the clocks randomly bounced from 12.59 to 2.00!). I remember when I was younger we loved when the clocks went back (extra hour clubbing / drinking / dancing. Woo!)...and hated when they sprang (because we therefore lost an hour). And here it certainly seems as though spring has sprung. It's still Baltic - it is Scotland, after all - but it's fresh and sunny and bright. I love the spring, it's so full of hope and possibility and potential...plus it's the season for twitterpating (TM Thumper), which can only be a good thing.

Here I am deep in my spring break, but am having a fairly productive time of it. Not productive in the "I wrote 4,000 words / settled a bank deal / marked a tonne of books / built some shelves" way...more in a "I've written lots of letters / caught up on reading / had coffee with a good friend / met my friends baby" way. And I think that way's important too. I think that my personal and relational world deserves just as much, if not more, attention than my professional life. I am so priveleged to have a life full of people who inspire me, and entertain me, and challenge me, and I'm so glad when I get to devote time and energy to them.

Yesterday, I stopped worrying about something that had had me in knots (the peril of holiday time. Time to think). I'd really got in a fizzle about a boy (yes, I still call them boys. Is that bad?), but yesterday I had a real long think about it all, and sorted a few things out in my head. So now I'm clear on my feelings. Which is good. Still no idea what to do with said feelings though! Am such a wuss. Or maybe jusy really really really good at self-preservation ;).

Last few days in Scotland, few more friends and their husbands, babies, boyfriends etc. to catch up with, both up here and on the jaunt south. Then at the weekend a friend's wedding (Yay Sophie!) - I really hope the glorious weather holds. Then a week of tidying and spring cleaning, which I'm quite looking forward to. Chores can be a pain, especially when I'm busy with work and things, but I'm looking forward to five days of cleaning and sorting and tidying, both at home and in my classsroom....always makes me feel a tonne more organised and together.

And then I can see what the spring and the coming summer might have in store...

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  1. thank you for the comment you
    left on my blog
    and this is my first time here,
    but it all sounds very interesting...
    and i know what you mean
    about looking forward to spring
    for so many reasons...
    {including being twiterpated...}

  2. I didn't realize that only North American changed the clocks early but I should have know, Bush can't make the world do it and I'm so glad! And I'm Canadian, LOL.

    Changing time has a profound impact on the spirit, just like spring. Enjoy the warming weather for me.

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog...hope to see you around more...

    glad you had a good spring break!!

  4. My wife's alarm clock is self-adjusting, so it went from 12:59 to 2:00. But that was weeks ago for us(Stupid U.S. Government decision).
    Glad to see you're enjoying your Spring Break.

  5. I wish the clocks would stay put year round!

    As for the boy....I've got nothing haha!! I haven't found one that I like in years and years.

  6. Hey there, I didn't know that North American clocks changed earlier than those in the UK, either. Hmmm...wonder why...
    And yes, I'm so happy that Spring is finally happening. I am ready to see GREEN and to hear chirping outside my window again. Ahhh spring...

    And I still call my husband my boy. We'll be in our nineties one day and I'll still call him my "boy"! I wish you luck with your boy, whatever you choose to do. Just remember to listen to your gut.

  7. heee tm thumper. awesome :-)

    i hate the annoyance of daylight savings time in general, but now that we have it AND we're off sched from the rest of the world who also change their clocks? gaaaaaah.

  8. I hate when the time changes though I thought we Americans were the only ones that tortured our body's internal clocks in that manner.

  9. thank you for visiting my blog :) sure, you can borrow my idea ;)

  10. You should stop dating boys and start dating men.

  11. spring break sounds like so much fun ... glad to hear you are enjoying your time :) xox

  12. All signs of spring are more than welcome. Spring break, spring time, spring greens, and birdies migrating back for the warm season. Even spring cleaning is welcome this year!

  13. I love your writing - I feel as if I'm sitting at your table with a cup of tea, smiling at your hands gesturing to and fro...


    Happy spring time!!!

  14. Twitterpating! I adore it! And yes, that's exactly what spring is all about!

    I'm glad you've had such a productive break, and productive in the best kind of way, a way that brings you back to creativity and love. Who could ask for anything more?

    I hope it continues throughout the spring and summer and all the days to come!

  15. yay for beginings!
    yay for Spring!
    p.s. Now I see more beautiful people here too that I adore ;-)
    You are sweet soul, too
    and I am learning mucho about you.
    thank you for sharing yourself!


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