Mmmmm, stolen goodness...

I've really been very good lately with the whole postiness. Go me! Today, however, I'm leaving the baffling sports analogies and random allusions behind and settling down to a good old meme, all in the name of recycling - I've nabbed this from Riot Kitty, who took it from Foster Communications and JLee, who stole it from WIGSF, who snaffled it from someone else entirely, no doubt.

Now it's my turn - let the rambling commence! And feel free to nick this after me, of course!

My roommate and I once: Well currently I am sans roommates, but I've had some awesome ones in the past. I'm thinking of drinking vodka and throwing potatoes with the Flat 69 girls, making terrible cakes, tapdancing to make Colum stop playing that infernal instrument, the genius catchphrase that was "Get Some!". Or the fun of Rosemount with Euan and the stupid ass conversations we used to have and the fruit bowl in the cupboard and Christmas Scooby Doo. Or my fellow Gilesgate girlies, with the watching of Sex and the City in our grad robes, and the formals, and the Vagina Monologue scarves conversation ("St Chaaaaaaaads"). Good times :-).

Never in my life have I: burped properly. It's my cross to bear, I'm sure ;-)

High school was: quite a while ago, now!

When I am nervous I: talk even more!

My hair is: Brown and wavy-curly and independent!

When I was 5: I was cute as a button. I know, what the heck happened, right?

By this time next year: I will be 28. Hopefully.

I have a hard time understanding: Cruelty. It gets me very upset.

You know I like you if: I'm nice and friendly and open and smiley. I'm like that with most people, because I like most people. If I don't like you, it's really obvious. I was on the phone with Hannah yesterday talking about a girl I don't like (she's one of about three people I know, total, who I don't like...) and Hannah was quite shocked by what I had to say. She was very much "Wow, if you feel that way about her, what about the rest of the world? You love everyone!" Heh. I sort of do :-).

My ideal breakfast is: big and lazy and shared with someone I like, or a bunch of friends, or snuggled up under the covers in front of somethng suitably brainless.

If you visit my hometown: you would be impressed by the banter, if not the size!

If you spend the night at my house: I would be the perfect hostess, of course ;-)

My favorite blonde is: 1980s-1990s Madonna.

My favorite brunette is: David Tennant!

The animal I would like to see flying is: A duck billed platypus. Ooooh, or a llama!

I shouldn’t: worry so much. Sometimes I really beat myself up.

Last night I: bailed on a girls' curry night, opting instead for a monster boxercise (needed to vent), a few phone calls I'd left too long, and a sloppy Guiseppe pizza in front of 'Gossip Girl'.

If I could have any car it would be: a VW Beetle.

I’ve been told I look like: Piper Perabo (but only the smile)? Anna Chlumsky (from 'My Girl')? Emma Watson? I think what we get from this straw poll is that I don't look like anyone!

Right, time to head - three day weekend starts here :-).

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  1. I love Gossip Girl!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I still don't get the David Tennant thing. He looks like he's perpetually 15.

  3. Great answers! Sounds like you had some fun roommates. But did you frolic in your underpants? ha

  4. I agree with you on Madonna, her best years. I loved it when she was young, rebellious and ridiculous. Have a great 3-day weekend and thanks for the big cheer for me taking on my latest challenge.

  5. am thinking you are still as cute as a button :) have a beautiful weekend!! xo

  6. I would love to see a flying llama!

  7. I am so stealing this! :D I needed a fun meme!

  8. you are the 5th person to do this meme....I will be next. Seems great that all the people you say others think you look like are so young. Cool!!

  9. "Drinking vodka and throwing potatoes with the Flat 69 girls." I could see it now...and I suppose it doesn't get any better than that. Good times, fo' sho. :)

    I hope you get to do some drinking and potato throwing over the weekend, just for old times' sake.

  10. I like to be stuggled up in bed with SOMEONE suitably brainless. :)

    Great answers!

  11. I am listening to Ray of Light right now, actually...her last couple of albums were SO disappointing.

  12. I loved reading this. What a fun meme!


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