Friday, June 13, 2008

7 Songs...

It has been another thrilling week of stuff and things here, riding the swings and roundabouts of life. Lots of nice stuff, lots of dull stuff, lots of normal stuff, lots of odd stuff. Some of those seismic shifts are settling down, others are still in flux. Life is about making sure you ride them out, I guess. I’ve been doing lots of thinking…strange for me, no? :-) And there are some things I’m getting closer to figuring out. And other things on which I still have no clue….

Rather than navel gazing, I’ll write more when I know more. Right now, half the stuff I’m thinking / feeling / doing I’m so unsure of / so bored of / so confused by I wouldn’t waste time writing about it here. And there would be so many plotholes it would read most confusingly.

Instead, I’m going to do the short and sweet meme that Pinks tagged me for. It’s simple – choose 7 songs you’re currently into (they can be new or old) and say why… Here are mine:

1. Pictures of Success – Rilo Kiley. Still my favourite RK song. It’s so deep and melancholy and just clever and awesome. I could listen to this on repeat for hours.

2. Loose Lips – Kimya Dawson. I am still loving the Juno soundtrack, and am getting more and more into Kimya and the Moldy Peaches also. ‘Tire Swing’ is soppier, sure, but I love the lyrics to this one too.

3. The Pretender – Foo Fighters. I liked this song before last weekend’s gig….after watching the Foos tear it up last weekend I just can’t stop listening to it. Amazing.

4. Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off – Panic! At The Disco. I freaking love this song – it’s such a great track. And there’s something about the way the singer inflects the F word that makes me come over all unnecessary, I swear.

5. I’d Rather Dance With You – Kings of Convenience. I love quirky Swedish indie pop.

6. Homecoming – Kanye West / Chris Martin. This was all over the radio when I was last home…and at the moment I’m feeling a bit homesick (roll on July!). So this track is on a fair bit.

7. Always Be – Jimmy Eat World. And a slice of powerpop to finish….

Happy weekend everybody!



  1. i think about you lots, sweetie, although i don't come here much anymore, i'm more on your facebook page. lol.

    i'm going to check out the panic! song now. what a great title.

  2. Looks like you have good taste in music!
    I have not been listening to much new stuff lately. I think I'm getting lost in the '80s!

  3. The way he says that word on the Panic! song makes me *very* happy. As does the knowledge he sleeps in the nude.


    Love you!

  4. Awesome list. I love Pictures of Success too. It was great to see them play it live when I saw them.

    I'm also gonna check out that Panic! song.

  5. Hey! I tagged you too, dearie ;)

  6. Like FC, I'm lost in the 80s...sometimes the 70s. I need to check out more of the new stuff. Thanks for sharing your list.

  7. You know how I feel about the Foo Fighters, but I also love Jimmy Eat World. Good choices!

  8. I'm still curious about what you're thinking about while 'navel gazing'.

  9. I think I'll have to Youtube these haha, I have no idea what they are!!


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