Edinburgh! (Part 2)

After the detail and expansiveness of the last post, this one may be a little more rushed...life seems to be catching up with me and there are things happening now I'd like to blog about, but I'm still due more blogging about Edinburgh amazingness. Not that I'm complaining - having too much to blog about is rarely a problem :-)!
So, after the wonderful start to Edinburgh the fun continued. After the cold wet weather of Tuesday, Wednesday dawned warm and dry. The GPB and I also woke up and decided we felt like being French (so we talked like zeeees) for the day, as we explained to her lovely friend Matt (or Mattheiu, if you will) when we met him for breakfast. Lots of wandering around the city, drinking tea, watching circus acts, meeting friends, taking pictures. And then, more shows.

We went to see the 30th birthday bash performance of Circus Oz, who were amazing! The tumbling and showmanship was just stunning. The GPB spent a lot of time over in Australia, so she knew some of the performers too - we may go and see them again soon. Then we went to see a comedy troupe called Sound and Fury (or, to us, The Freakishly Early Guys) do a show called 'Cyranose!'. Brilliant. I just laughed and laughed. I also made one of the guys smile before their performance when they were stood outside the venue flyering and he bounded up to me and started his speil about the show and I just went - "I'm looking forward to it! I already have tickets." He looked so pleased. We then went into town to meet some of our Joinee friends for a bite to eat.

Then we rounded off the evening with Luke Toulson, who does really good, dry, bitter comedy, and then a comedy cabaret at half-past midnight (the Edinburgh timescale may be why my bodyclock's a little mussed up right now!) which ended with a bunch of comics and musicians doing a jam session to 'Perfect Day'. Beautiful.

Thursday dawned lovely again, and The GPB, Mattheiu and I set off down Princes Street to meet Jenga and her colleagues for lunch. Great chat and silliness, and a chance to play 'Where's Wally' with bagpipers and make an older lady smile. The se had to dash back to Waverley to meet the gorgeous KOTG, who came up for a day and a night. Then, more shows!

First we went to see Roy Walker. He's famous for presenting a show called Catchphrase, and his show was about that and life and all that. Great standup, brill show, and I won a T-shirt. Awesome. Next, Jenga and her flatmate joined the GPB and KOTG and I to watch Mark Watson, a really funny comic who I knew a bit of from all the panel shows I'd seen him in. And then our last show, the sublime Tim Minchin. He's this amazing musical comedian from Australia, and an absolute genius. And then after his show, we randomly bumped into Danny Wallace, the founder of the "kindness cult" that the GPB, KOTG and I are members of. Brilliant!
So that was Edinburgh. Manic, fun, silly, entertaining. Can't wait for next year!

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  1. Yay for adventures and more exciting stuff to blog about and yay for GPB and KOTG and other lovely peeps!

  2. I would love to do a French Day. But it would come across as a my horrible opinions of the French.

  3. First of all I LOVE that red purse..gorgeous!!!

    Is that an enormous tea bag?? It looks like it's almost the size of the cup haha.

  4. Wow that was a loaded day. You must be exhausted, but happy.

  5. gosh, i can't believe how much fun you can pack in to a day :) makes me smile!!

  6. You are so living the summer of fabulousity! Yay Claire!

    ps I'm loving "Comin' Tonight" by Martha Wainwright best on my new CD but I need to listen more to the rest. :D

  7. You make me want to catch a comedy show...in Edinburgh! Loved the pictures! You are having way too much fun this summer. Good for you!!

  8. What silly fun and adventurous times you had! I bet that performance was amazing. Nothing better than travelling and being entertained and eating and drinking...!!!

  9. Oh, now I'm rather jealous of the Edinburgh journey, for I'd intended to go there in September but instead will be flying to Denver and then driving 75 miles west to a different conference.

    But I enjoyed my various trip! Thanks for posting the photos and sharing the stories...my French friend.


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