Rainy day laziness...

Don't you just love a good rainy day from time to time? On a sunny day I feel I have to zip about and do stuff, go places, accomplish things...but a rainy day lends itself quite beautifully to other, more lowkey pursuits. To this end, it has been chillaxing central here today! It is grey and cold and horrid outside in that way that North East Scotland does sooooo well, so it's been an indoors day, a day of reading and writing and reading up on blogs and thinking. Lovely stuff. Here are some pics from my den of laziness and relaxation....

My favourite place to blog and surf while I'm at home. This big blue sofa is in the room my sister and I share while we're home, and I make a 'nest' of sorts to work and write from. Very comfy!

My lovely loyal Chucks take a day off....

The never ending letter and postcard writing continues. I love post and mail and seem to be on a one woman quest to keep the Royal Mail going.... Don't you just *love* letters and cards? I love that someone takes the time to put pen to paper and catch you up, even if it's just a few lines!

My mother's pergola in our garden. I had planned to sit underneath it and write some poetry, but the weather was not co-operating today!

Our very soggy and very green garden.

Chicken soup for lunch. Yummers! Comfort food is so ace when it's cold and grey outside!

Bubble bath!

Rocking the shower cap....I'm so 1950s!

So all in all, a lovely chilled day. And now mum is back from the office, so it's on to an evening of more letters, a little TV, some blog fun, and maybe a little walk if the weather clears. Hope this finds you all having a lovely week so far!

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  1. I too love relaxing at the rents, that is when they're not putting me to work.

  2. I've enjoyed reading several of your blog postings. What a lovely place to live! Living in northern California - where it doesn't rain all summer, beautiful green hills have long ago given way to brown, dead grasses, and cool temperatures are only a fantasy - I envy you a chilly, rainy day:)

  3. You are wiiiiicked - dude. Rainy days are brilliant, when I'm working it doesn't feel like I'm missing the day :)

    Again, you rock


  4. I remember when I'd get mail in my mailbox and not just bills and ads. I loved it! I liked seeing someone's handwriting and stationery and inserts. It was all fun!

    E-mails are all I get now, and even online Christmas cards. It's kind of sad.

    BTW, I love your pamper tour. Cute cap! :)

  5. I am sitting here in the Texas heat, truly enjoying your description of a lovely, lovely rainy weekend. We had sprinkles of rain yesterday - just a bit of Tropical Storm Edouard - and the temperature dropped to 95 and it felt quite wonderful, but a nice long rainstorm would be so welcome.
    And a bubble bath! Right now it just feels too hot to contemplate more than a shower, even if the air conditioning IS on. I may have to turn it very cold in the house & indulge myself!

    :) Debi

  6. 90 degrees here in Northern VA outside DC...we are expecting some thunderstorms tomorrow...please cool down!
    Enjoyed reading your post and that bubble bath looks so inviting. I'm a shower person myself, but at least once a year a bath is in order.
    I've been to Edinburgh only for one night...we had plans to sight see the next day...woke up to pouring rain...said the hell with this and went back to London! :D
    I did get my haggis fill...but did not find my Chicago one nite stand...Brian Ferguson...I tried to find you!!

  7. Love the chucks (of course). I'm glad that you've had a really relaxing time at home. Yay!

  8. I love a nice bubble bath, especially on a rainy day. I had one today, but it was 100 degrees...not the same!

  9. looks heavenly actually ... it is super blue sky hot here and only continuing on ... not complaining though ;-)

  10. I hate rainy days with a passion, as all I want to do is sleep! But I agree about postcards and letters, I love sending and receiving them. I thought I was the only one helping Royal Mail stay in business - glad to see there are others like me out there!


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