Time to be moving on...

And so another visit home draws to a close.

It's 6.40 (a.m.. Eeek!) and I'm quickly writing this as I enjoy a bowl of porridge and a cup of coffee and allow the morning sun and the simple act of sitting up to awaken me. Last night, as is usual, I had my traditional attack of the blues...I'm always sad to leave here. I'll miss my family, and my friends and our cat. I'll miss midday lunch bickering with Minimus and zipping through to Inverness for lunch and the Carisbrooke pub quiz, and just having time to see friends and catch up with them. It has really been a lovely visit home, and I hope I get back again soon (realistically, though, it's a four month stint....won't be back again till Christmas in all likelihood).

So it's shower time, and car packing time, and off on the road. Down the A9 to Perth and beyond, then further, over the Forth rail bridge, to the beautiful city of Edinburgh! Yep, I'm meeting the gorgeous and multitalented Lou, and we are off to the Fringe Festival for three days of shows and fun. I am looking forward to seeing Tim Minchin and Mark Watson and Roy Walker, and all the other shows we've got arranged. I'm looking forward to good chats with Lou, and Shelley when she comes along on Thursday, and hopefully meeting up with Jenna and Hebba and Judy and Janey and Gaz. Yay!

Then down to Yorkshire. Then home once more. Then unpacking and fighting the spiders (they will have tried to colonise again, I'm sure). Then a mountain of paperwork and stress and driving on Monday. Then on Tuesday, back to some semblance of normality - sorting my classroom, planning, going to the gym, and seeing friends....term starts in a couple of weeks!

Time to get a wriggle on!

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  1. Woo for Shelleys and fun times ahead xxx

  2. You have so much fun packed before next week. Enjoy the moments!

  3. Wriggles are good so get it on.

    (found you at whatigotsofar, hope to be back soon.)

  4. Have a great trip and enjoy your time in Edinburgh!

  5. Have a good, and safe, trip back!

  6. Glad you had a lovely trip.

    The spiders would stop my heart...yikes.

  7. okay I'm getting out my map....I'm trying to learn more about where everything is in the UK! How long does it take you to get to Edinburgh?

    What do you teach? Grade?

  8. OK, still jealous. I am stuck on a continent much less beautiful than yours!

  9. Wriggle on good Claire. Wriggle on.

  10. geez. i'm exhausted already. ;)

  11. Going home is so important and it sounds like it went well. Safe journey on the way back to your new home.

  12. Have a great weekend Claire!

  13. "time to get a wriggle on"... now that is definitely a new one. you know claire one of the reasons i come here is because i love to here you talk. you have the best slang,euphemisms, colloquialisms or just plain British lingo i have ever heard and i love to just sit here straight faced until i come upon one of your phrases or words and then i smile. i am assured to find at least one word that is new to me or used in some 'claire like' way in each and every post.

    and besides all of that linguistics you are incredibly endearing in your honesty and forthrightness and soft heart.
    xox sweet claire.


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