Back to school!

Like diving into an ice cold pool, Thursday was an almighty shock to the system. But we are back, after the lovely long summer, into the mania of school once more.

Back to early mornings and falling alseep in front of a laptop late at night. Back to five and a half day teaching weeks and teeny tiny weekends where you try and cram everything in. Back to pencil sharpening and tables testing and "Ivo, have you tucked your shirt in?". Back to an endless chorus of your own name.

Back to lost socks and goldfish obsession. Back to that Julia-Roberts-at-a-premiere moment when you walk out onto the playground and everyone wants/needs/has to talk to you. Back to hearing your name seventeen times a minute, usually just before a question ("When's my music lesson?" "What's a nonagon?" "Why are there no more cookies?"). Back to assemblies and dining duty and activities and wet playtimes.

A shock to the system? You betcha! Thank heavens there are only five lessons till the weekend!

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  1. I love how you described it as a Julia Roberts moment! Maybe less glamorous, but fun to know that so many people need your help, and you are able to help them :)

  2. Your lucky, mine started a week ago for my son and 2 weeks ago for my daughter. No more getting up at 7:30am, 6am is now the norm around here.

  3. Yes, the "mania of school". I know how hard it is to be a student, but it sounds like it's tough being a teacher too. However, I'm sure you're an excellent teacher!
    Just wondering, what grade level do you teach?

  4. I use to love the first day of school...both for college and elementary.

  5. i. am. going. nuts. trying. to hande my first week of school; i can only imagine what yours is like. (luck!)

  6. I've been watching this process across blogs since early August, mostly from the parental POV. It's interesting how a new routine can rock the socks off an old one.

  7. What a difference to the wild ways of summer, isn't it?

    It's nice that everyone wants/needs/has to talk to you. It beats being ignored. ;)

  8. It's got to be a big adjustment! I don't know how teachers do it. I'll just say again that the kids are so lucky to have you, watching over them with kindness and humour. No wonder they all fall in love with you!

  9. LOL Awesome post! I know how you feel!

  10. I love that you've compared the playground moment to Julia Roberts! Good luck with the school mania.

  11. Yesterday, when facilitating a workshop with grown adults, I kept noticing all the girls' nose piercings.

    Yeah, at school we've been enforcing that rule all week. It appears I'm already fully back into the swing.


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