A busy Claire....

....is a happy Claire. Apparently.

So yes, life is whizzing by, a mess of stuff and things and people and fun and stresses and thoughts and moments. But it really is better to be busy than not busy. And half-term is in sight, and with it then chance, if not to drop everything, at least the chance to pull the car off the motorway and visit the service station for a comfort break!

I'm working hard and enjoying it. This is my fourth year teaching, but there's still plenty to learn, plenty to change, plenty to hone, plenty to mess up and go back to the drawing board on! One thing I do love though is how well I know the school and the people in it. I know the stories and the chat and I have my own little niche there. And I love the kids to pieces - I love sitting with them in tea and being silly....I love getting postcards for my class and getting them interested in geography....I love being asked if the Year 7 'cool boys' can interview me for the magazine (apparently they think I'll know some gossip?)... I love encouraging kids to stretch themselves....I love feeling like I'm helping, in whatever small way I can....I love getting love notes on my desk....I love high-fives and in-jokes and being part of a team. The late nights and being so exhausted I oversleep...less so!

My friends continue to be awesome, and I'm loving that every weekend is bringing new adventures - parties, conversations, walking around London in the sunshine, cuddles, party games, and sitting on the train, listening to my mp3 player. The same end to every trip. A cafe mocha with skim milk, chilled indie guitar music, and the inner city of London giving way to the suburbs, then the rolling rural hills of home.

So the weeks are worktastic, and the weekends are funtastic. Sprinkle on top working out, singing, phone calls, emails, band practice, reading, letters...and you have a busy Claire. You have a happy Claire. And you have a very tired Claire.

Time for bed here :-)

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  1. A happy Clair is a good Claire.

  2. Sometimes life can be good to you, even when nothing spectacular is going on. Enjoy it!

  3. Wow Claire, you sound so happy and fulfilled, it's beautiful to see!

  4. You always just so happy. Reading your blog always makes me smile.

    Keep it up.

  5. This is true that when we are engaged in many activities and living life fully we are the happiest. I have been too lax and have decided to begin some new endeavors!

  6. I like being busy-happy too. It's good to get whirled up in a flurry of positive activity. It's so much less tiring than sitting around feeling bored.

  7. You sound like you're in a really good place. I'm so happy 4 you!

    You leave me craving train rides in London and walking around in the sunshine. I miss Piccadilly Circus and Tower Records (it's probably no longer there), Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum, Harrod's and the pigeons in Trafalgar Square. :)

  8. You are an awesome friend yourself! :D


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