What I don't do...

Oh yeah, I'm breaking out the 'd' word... Fear not, I'm still your usual happy-go-lucky, slightly scatty, definitely slightly off-kilter Claire, but these are my thinky thoughts for the day...

I don't believe that work should be boring.

I don't trash talk people I like.

I don't eat white/refined flour anymore, because it makes me poorly sick. Just call me Wholegrain Girl!

I don't know what sushi tastes like. I've never tried.

I don't know enough about grammar, considering I have half a degree in English!

I don't sleep enough at the moment, which is a shame, because I love to sleep!

I don't like living so far from home. But I'm making a home of my own.

I don't go to church enough.

I don't remember my dreams (for the most part). Not in a depressing, woe is me fashion, but in an actual "I don't remember" way. I remember maybe six dreams a year. Tops.

I don't steal.

I don't understand racism at all. It came up in a PSHE class mith my kiddos, and none of us could really explain / understand it!

I don't like people who are unkind to children (come to think of it, I don't like people who are unkind or mean, full stop. But when it's towards kids, I genuinely get annoyed!).

I don't go to the doctor or the dentist enough.

I don't burp (I can't, actually).

I don't really have a handle on where I'm going. Yet.

I don't reveal huge aspects of myself to many people in my life.

I don't have time to blog at the mo. But I'm endeavouring to make time!

Have an AWESOME weekend, lovelies!

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  1. I was going to say that I don't like this blog, but that would be a huge lie. So instead I will say...

    "What?! You don't/can't burp?! Do you want me to try to teach you or what?!!!!"

    Have a good weekend too! ;o)

  2. If I'd known about the sushi thing, I soooooooo would have remedied that while you were here last year!

    Great post. I may steal the idea sometime.

  3. Some of those are good don't dos..some of them are funny...just like Nicole said about the burping thing. That made me laugh.

  4. I love sushi!
    A sushi shop under Center point does sea urchin!
    Yo Sushi have an offer on. Check out their site. More food on conveyorg belts!

    I know a few people with gluten allergies. Try going completely gluten free for a week. See how it feels.

    Ditto dreams. I have them. Don't even remember 6 a year (for more than the first minute after I wake up)

    Anyway sleep beckons. Hope you sleep well too.

  5. Oh my Claire! You must jump on a plane pronto so we can have a lovely proper sushi dinner!!

  6. Just the first one hits close to home! Last night, my husband and I had a long talk about his unhappiness at work. I told him we all deserve to like our jobs. And after seeing both our mothers work ridiculous jobs, I am more determined than ever to like mine.

  7. You should try sushi...it's excellent! I'm amazed at the no burping thing as well. lol
    Have a great weekend :)

  8. If you ever make it to Seattle I'm taking you to sushi.

  9. No burping? You have excited my medical curiosity.

  10. Have you tried spelt flour? It's very good.

  11. I never sleep enough. I'm either blogging or playing, and that's a good excuse to sleep less...but I'd like to take one weekend and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed with a few good movies...and a hot date. ;)

    Enjoy your time off!

  12. You NEED to try sushi. It is delicious. Start off with the easy stuff like california roll....then ease into spicy tuna!

    And really, going to church at all is too much church in my opinion! hehe.

  13. Another creative post! If you don't mind, I might steal this idea too. Have a fantastic weekend!

  14. Avocado sushi is lovely! What is "half a degree" in English?? Double major?

  15. Interesting :)

    and don't worry I haven't ever tried sushi either...lol


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