God Bless America.

So it's finally here. The big day. A time for hope, a time for confidence, a time for change - a regime change, some would argue. As many of my friends and family go and vote for the next POTUS, I'm thinking of them and praying and hoping that the candidate chosen ushers in a new era for the USA. And if that man turns out to be half the President that President Bartlet was in the first two seasons of 'The West Wing', I will be a happy happy Claire (haha, way to set the bar high! Early years Jed Bartlet was the man. I've just spent a good half hour youtubing old clips from the show and recalling how awesome Martin Sheen's portrayal of a flawed but amazing President was).

Some of my friends will be voting McCain. Others will be voting Obama. I'll be hoping and praying that the choice they make will be the right one for the USA, and the world.

I'm inspired also to see the lines and queues to vote - the real enthusiasm that this election seems to have stirred. I hope that when our next general election here rolls around we can see people equal willing to use their vote and have their say.

I sign off a hopeful woman....I wonder what my next post will have to reflect upon?

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  1. I had to check in to say thanks Claire. And your hopes are my hopes too...

    There is actually a lot going on here comparing this race to the West Wing race at the end of its run. Interesting you should bring up the show here.

  2. Thanks, Claire. I'm praying for the best outcome for our country, as well.

  3. Good luck to those in the states...oh wait...

  4. We're all crossing our fingers for a change too! Whoever the next president is, I truly hope that he is mindful of the wishes/hopes/lives of US citizens and of how his decisions will have such an impact on the world.

    I didn't watch West Wing, but I'm hoping for someone as nice and passionate as Micheal Douglas's character was in The American President. :)

  5. Thanks for that shout out. I am just praying that we will have unity and respect - no matter who wins.

  6. Obama!! Hooray!!! I no longer have to be embarrassed about my government! Yippee!!!

  7. Hey! Wake up!! There's a new POTUS and he's a lot like Bartlett ...

    only better cause he's real.

  8. Today was a very very good day... : ) Popping by via Martini's for two

  9. And here we are, standing on the doorstep of a whole new era. It's amazing.

  10. YAY! i think america got it right this time. finally ;-)

  11. It was definitely an inspiring election.

    What are people going to talk about now that it's over? Ha-ha.

  12. Thanks, Claire. We felt your warmth last night. :)


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